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Benjamin Damsgaard

Raffle Site Search kept their promise of delivering instant accurate answers to our members 24/7, and more so.

Digital Manager
Kristian E. Beyer

It was a great onboarding process delivering on promise, clear expectations and understanding of our technical setup.

Head of Communications and Business Support
Kasper Antonsen

Raffles Workplace Search keeps on developing real quick and configurations are super easy to make.

Head of Department
Jes Appel

Our support team can feel a big change to the amount of incoming calls as our customers now resolves most of their queries on our website.

Marketing & Ecommerce Manager
Benjamin Damsgaard

The insights given show the needs and expectations of our online visitors. Furthermore, we have easy access to configuring the Search tools to meet self-service expectations.

Digital Manager
Morten Rask Olsen

The ability to find the right information instantly, not having to ask colleagues or reproducing documents that were just not searchable before, will save us a lot of time.


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