Learn how Raffle helped Telmore in reducing incoming traffic

See how Raffle saves Telmore 600 hours monthly by eliminating calls by answering 75% of customer inquiries with Raffle Site Search.
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About the company:
Telmore: Danish telecom, founded 2000, subsidiary of TDC Group, offers mobile, internet, and TV services.
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See how Raffle saves Telmore 600 hours monthly by eliminating calls by answering 75% of customer inquiries with Raffle Site Search.

Telmore struggled with a high volume of customer service inquiries. The situation seemed overwhelming, and they urgently needed a solution to alleviate the burden. That's when Raffle came into the picture. Within a few weeks of implementing Raffle on their website, Telmore witnessed a remarkable transformation. 

About Telmore

Telmore is a telecommunications company based in Denmark. It was founded in 2000 and is currently a subsidiary of TDC Group, one of Denmark's largest telecommunications providers. Telmore offers mobile phone services, including voice, data, and messaging plans, as well as internet and TV services. 

Why Telmore Needed Raffle

Telmore was facing the challenge of handling an overwhelming number of customer inquiries. Despite having the answers available on their website, customers were constantly reaching out to them for assistance. The problem was that finding the answers was difficult, leading customers to call instead of helping themselves.

However, after integrating Raffle into their website, Telmore transformed it into a user-friendly platform, significantly enhancing the efficiency of their customer service and improving the overall customer experience. Now, customers could quickly access the information they needed to solve their problems without having to contact customer support. This shift freed up Telmore's customer support center to focus on more complex tasks that required their involvement. 

The Raffle impact

Thousands of customers now use Raffle every week. Of those, 75% find the answers they are searching for each time. Since Raffle saves them over 600 hours per month by eliminating the questions for which customers can find answers themselves, Telmore has experienced a major decrease in incoming support traffic. With Raffle, Telmore successfully reduced waiting times, enhanced self-service options, and increased customer satisfaction. As a result, Telmore has streamlined their customer support, creating a more productive and customer-centric website.

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