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Dansk Sundhedssikring answers 75% of customer questions with Raffle

Are you overwhelmed with service calls? Do like Dansk Sundhedssikring. 75% of their customer inquiries are now answered by Raffle.
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About the company:
Dansk Sundhedssikring: Danish private health insurer, offers plans and access to healthcare outside public system for faster, personalized care.
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Read how Dansk Sundhedssikring significantly reduced calls after implementing Raffle Search on their website

Dansk Sundhedssikring faced an overwhelming influx of customer support queries. The situation appeared unsolvable, and they were desperate for a solution to lessen the load on their customer support center. That's when Raffle stepped in. After integrating Raffle on their website, they observed a huge improvement and increase in customer satisfaction.

About Dansk Sundhedssikring

Dansk Sundhedssikring is a Danish company that provides private health insurance and healthcare services in Denmark. They offer a range of insurance plans and access to a network of healthcare providers, allowing individuals and families to receive medical treatment and services outside of the public healthcare system. Dansk Sundhedssikring aims to provide faster access to medical care, specialized treatments, and personalized healthcare options to its members.

Why Dansk Sundhedssikring needed Raffle

The search function on Dansk Sundhedssikring's website caused dissatisfaction and frustration among customers, leading many to call customer support instead of finding answers themselves. The high volume of customers facing issues overwhelmed Dansk Sundhedssikring's support center, resulting in long wait times. Recognizing the need for a solution, Recognizing the need for a solution, Dansk Sundhedssikring sought assistance.

They found that assistance in Raffle. 

Dansk Sundhedssikring implemented the Raffle Launcher on their homepage, and customized it to fit their brand identity. Based on most commonly asked questions, they also included Top Questions to help their clients find the right answer as quickly as possible.

The Raffle Effect

By seamlessly integrating Raffle Search onto their website, Dansk Sundhedssikring significantly reduced incoming inquiries about general questions from customers. The efficient and accurate search functionality provided by Raffle effectively addressed the majority of customer queries, alleviating the strain on customer support.

As a result, an impressive 75% of Dansk Sundhedssikring's visitors can now find the information they need directly on the website. This reduction in customer support inquiries freed up valuable time and resources, allowing the team to focus on more complex and critical questions requiring human assistance.

Raffle Search created a user-friendly experience, enhancing customer satisfaction by enabling quick and easy access to the necessary information. It eliminated the frustration of submitting general inquiries and improved the overall quality of customer service. 

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