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We give you seamless access to company information.

From the start, raffle has been focused on making an AI-powered search to realize our vision of giving employees or end-users seamless access to company information. We use natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) machine learning so that the user can search with natural text, words, and sentences, mimicking human behavior.
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We empower organizations with unlocked productivity through blazing fast, accurate answers across all data sources.

The processing power of a single server today is comparable to that of the entire world's processing power in 2001. This enabled raffle to develop the AI algorithms on which we run our search engine today.

We noticed that many organizations had difficulties finding accurate or valid information using their search engines, and we wanted to create a solution that would redefine what enterprise search could be in the future.

At the time AI-powered search was not possible due to expense, and before Raffle it had not even been conceived as possible that large algorithms that had been trained on billions of conversations could be used on small datasets.

Through our approach utilizing data scientists we create our AI method that make these large algorithms and models applicable to smaller dataset leading to a far superior search engine compared to those whose core is centered around engineering.

Our AI continues to learn based on the employee and customers interaction with the search, clustering data into groups displaying trending questions, and knowledge gaps where new content needs to be generated.

Raffle does not require maintenance unlike most chatbots and traditional searches, nonetheless our software is customizable as you can choose the tools, sources, content display and design.

It is as simple as that- we are programmed to mimic human behavior meaning we contextually understand words, sentences, misspellings, and various languages. Our software is pre-trained meaning that once integrated onto a site the software immediately provides validated solutions for inquiries. raffle has grown into several search products; Employee Search, Interactive, Web Search, and In App, suited for different needs and industries.
Suzanne, CEO of Raffle.AI
Suzanne Lauritzen, CEO
Ole Winther, CRO of Raffle.ai
Ole Winther, CRO



AI Search on your terms

Our goal is to empower companies by helping employees and customers intuitively find the answers they need every time. All through one single search bar.



Cutting-edge tech made simple

Raffles AI engine is built in-house on our world-leading NLP algorithms, which understands your intent and provides accurate answers across all sources, file types, and platforms.



Built by industry leading experts

Our culture is open-minded, dynamic and ambitious. Having fun while achieving the unachievable has made Raffle who we are today. Writing history is what we do.


See for yourself how companies like yours are improving their customer and employee experience.

Trusted by industry leaders

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Raffle is a great tool for 24/7 member communication. Cooperation is always a pleasure, delivering solutions that keep our service top-notch.
Lars W.
Insurance Advisor
Raffle Site Search provides instant answers 24/7 to all sorts of customer questions with sky-high support availability & service level.
Frida L.
Operations & Communications Coordinator
Insights show visitors' needs; we can configure Search tools to meet their expectations. Raffle is a trusted partner focused on our success & open to new ideas. They understand our goals and help improve our business & customer experience.
Jesper M.
Knowledge Manager
Finding the necessary information quickly without having to seek assistance from others or recreate previously unsearchable documents will save us a lot of time. Raffle Search instantly gives right results on >500K docs, 6 languages.
Morten R. O.
Great onboarding experience, delivering on the promise with clear expectations and understanding of our technical set-up. They actively listen and respond to our needs. Raffle's Search empowers citizens in our municipality with a direct path to easily find all necessary information to stay informed.
Kristian E. B.
Head of Communications & Business Support
Raffle boosts our website search: 89% of customer inquiries are answered instantly. Implementation was super easy. We were up and running in a short time. Raffle just works immediately.
Hanne T.
Digital Marketing Manager
Raffle's "Banners" helps handle high volumes of questions by providing instant answers on the website, effectively controlling the flow of inquiries. Like turning off the tap! Our support team can feel a significant decrease in incoming calls. Customers now resolve most of their queries with Raffle on our website.
Jes A.
Marketing & Ecommerce Manager
Implementation was quick, even with a complex intranet login. Raffle is really good at adapting to different environments. Raffle Search is rapidly advancing and its configurations are typically straightforward to implement.
Kasper A.
Head of Department
Raffle kept their promise of delivering instant, accurate answers to our members 24/7, and more so. Before Raffle, we lost customers having a time-consuming and poor chatbot & search set-up. Raffle solved that instantly. Insights reveal online visitor needs and expectations. We effortlessly configure search tools for seamless self-service experiences.
Benjamin D.
Digital Manager
raffle.ai ApS, CVR-nr 39747189
Toldbodgade 51D, 2., 1253 København K
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