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Raffle is the leading search engine powered by AI, designed for organizations, their employees, and customers. Our goal is to make searching and finding information easy while maintaining the integrity, accuracy, safety, and relevance of the data. 
By utilizing Raffle, businesses can tap into the power of secure AI. Hundreds of Enterprise and Midsize Companies including E.on, VISMA and Telmore rely on Raffle to gain valuable insights and provide relevant and accurate results.

Our Story

Organization’s employees and customers were struggling to find accurate and relevant information using traditional search engines or chatbots. Our Co-founders , Suzanne Lauritzen, and Ole Winther wanted to change this. Before 2017, using AI-powered search was extremely expensive and only something the biggest companies in the world had access to because the training material was simply believed to be much for so little. Moreover, it had not been tested because the price of processing power before 2017 was out of reach.
However, in 2018, the price of the processing power that feds large AI algorithms and models fell dramatically, and as a result of this, Raffle was founded by Suzanne Lauritzen and Ole Winther. They believed it was now possible to use those powerful and large deep-learning models and algorithms, even on smaller datasets like those belonging to individual companies. And so they took action and created Raffle.
Suzanne and Ole not only resolved the problem but also invented an AI search and chat engine that is sustainable, attractive, affordable, safe, and compliant.
Suzanne, CEO of Raffle.AI
Suzanne Lauritzen
Chief Executive Officer
Ole Winther, CRO of Raffle.ai
Ole Winther
Chief Research Officer

The Raffle Objective

Our mission at Raffle is to revolutionize data access and utilization, empowering businesses to unlock their full potential. Raffle makes information easily discoverable, collects valuable insights, and enables superior customer service. By harnessing the power of data, businesses can make informed decisions that drive success.
Raffle has been meticulously designed to comprehend and interpret users' searchqueries effortlessly, accommodating spelling errors, varied phrasing, single words, synonyms, multiple individual words, and more.
This also means that Raffle's software effortlessly interprets search queries as well as keywords, also known as hybrid search. It integrates seamlessly into websites, CMS systems, and applications, delivering instant access to knowledge and answers across multiple sources. Raffle also clusters data, identifies trending questions, and helps you generate relevant content. Raffle is fully customizable, allowing businesses to select the tools, sources, content display, and design that best suit their specific requirements.
With Raffle, safe, reliable, accurate, and relevant information for customer service, websites, and the workplace becomes synonymous. Upgrade your business today with Raffle Search and Raffle Chat for increased customer and employee satisfaction, revenue, professionalism, and overall success.

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Provide accurate and consistent answers to your customers' and employees' questions.  Improve customer satisfaction and streamline your operations with zero maintenance required.


Safe generative models fine-tuned for you. Provide accurate human-like conversations powered by your content. Engage customers in a way that traditional robotic chatbots simply can't match.



AI Search on your terms

Our goal is to empower companies by helping employees and customers intuitively find the answers they need every time. All through one single search bar.



Cutting-edge tech made simple

Raffles AI engine is built in-house on our world-leading NLP algorithms, which understands your intent and provides accurate answers across all sources, file types, and platforms.



Built by industry leading experts

Our culture is open-minded, dynamic and ambitious. Having fun while achieving the unachievable has made Raffle who we are today. Writing history is what we do.
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Raffle is funded by US Private Equity investment firm K1, the danish VF Ventures and PreSeed Ventures, along with a handfull of private investors.


See for yourself how companies like yours are improving their customer and employee experience.
Raffle is a great tool for 24/7 member communication. Cooperation is always a pleasure, delivering solutions that keep our service top-notch.
Lars W.
Insurance Advisor
Raffle Site Search provides instant answers 24/7 to all sorts of customer questions with sky-high support availability & service level.
Frida L.
Operations & Communications Coordinator
Insights show visitors' needs; we can configure Search tools to meet their expectations. Raffle is a trusted partner focused on our success & open to new ideas. They understand our goals and help improve our business & customer experience.
Jesper M.
Knowledge Manager
Finding the necessary information quickly without having to seek assistance from others or recreate previously unsearchable documents will save us a lot of time. Raffle Search instantly gives right results on >500K docs, 6 languages.
Morten R. O.
Great onboarding experience, delivering on the promise with clear expectations and understanding of our technical set-up. They actively listen and respond to our needs. Raffle's Search empowers citizens in our municipality with a direct path to easily find all necessary information to stay informed.
Kristian E. B.
Head of Communications & Business Support
Raffle boosts our website search: 89% of customer inquiries are answered instantly. Implementation was super easy. We were up and running in a short time. Raffle just works immediately.
Hanne T.
Digital Marketing Manager
Raffle's "Banners" helps handle high volumes of questions by providing instant answers on the website, effectively controlling the flow of inquiries. Like turning off the tap! Our support team can feel a significant decrease in incoming calls. Customers now resolve most of their queries with Raffle on our website.
Jes A.
Marketing & Ecommerce Manager
Implementation was quick, even with a complex intranet login. Raffle is really good at adapting to different environments. Raffle Search is rapidly advancing and its configurations are typically straightforward to implement.
Kasper A.
Head of Department
Raffle kept their promise of delivering instant, accurate answers to our members 24/7, and more so. Before Raffle, we lost customers having a time-consuming and poor chatbot & search set-up. Raffle solved that instantly. Insights reveal online visitor needs and expectations. We effortlessly configure search tools for seamless self-service experiences.
Benjamin D.
Digital Manager
raffle.ai ApS, CVR-nr 39747189
Toldbodgade 51D, 2., 1253 København K
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