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Frederiksberg Forsyning Improves Customer Support and Reduces Calls to Customer Service with Raffle

The Frederiksberg Forsyning website lacked speed, precision, and accuracy, leading to customer frustration and dissatisfaction. Additionally, creating relevant content for customers was a struggle, leading to difficulties in effectively addressing inquiries and hindering self-servicing options. Raffle's AI search engine improved website searchability and provided customer insights, optimizing essential content.
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About the company:
Frederiksberg Forsyning: Utility company in Denmark, manages water, wastewater, heating, and waste services in Frederiksberg municipality.
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About Frederiksberg Forsyning

Frederiksberg Forsyning is a utility company located in Frederiksberg, Denmark. They are responsible for providing various public services related to water supply, wastewater management, district heating, and waste disposal in the municipality of Frederiksberg.

“Raffle enabled our customers from day one to get more precise answers to the questions that they had, in the way that they asked the question”

With Raffle Search, self-service is now an option on Frederiksberg Forsyning's website, enabling their customers to help themselves without having to call their customer service center. Frederiksberg Forsyning also now can collect data on what’s most important, making it easier for them to create content that matters to their customers.

Why Frederiksberg Forsyning Needed Raffle Search

Frederiksberg Forsyning faced a challenge in making sure their website understood their customer’s questions, having the right content to answer those questions correctly, and making sure those answers were easily discoverable on their site. Kristian E. Beyer, the Head of Communication at Frederiksberg Forsyning, knew they needed a solution to improve their website and make it more user-friendly for their customers.

 “One of the challenges we faced, as we didn't always understand what our customers were asking was what answers, in reality, they were searching for”.

Frederiksberg Forsyning needed a search solution that could understand their customers, regardless of the words used, potential misspellings, or nuances in their questions. Additionally, they required a system that could provide data on the most sought-after content by their customers. At the same time, the solution needed to perform the fundamental function of making information easily discoverable. Enabling customers to resolve issues independently without needing to contact customer support or leaving the website frustrated and empty-handed. They were unsure if such a solution could exist until they found Raffle.

“The word I would use to describe Raffle and the interaction we have had would be, personal.”

After implementing Raffle, Frederiksberg Forsyning's website became user-friendly and more data-driven. Raffle's personalized approach, speed, and precision revolutionized their customer service, ensuring that customers received accurate answers promptly since it’s what they expected in the first place. With customer expectations for swift responses at an all-time high, Frederiksberg Forsyning recognized the importance of speed in their customer service interactions. Raffle allowed them to meet these expectations by enabling their website to respond rapidly to customer inquiries. “Our customers expect us to answer their questions with a very high speed” says Kristian. This newfound efficiency not only satisfied their customers but also enhanced overall satisfaction levels.

“We spend our time analyzing the results because we don't use very much time maintaining the solution that is handled by the back office at Raffle”

With Raffle managing the back-office processes, the Frederiksberg Forsyning team was able to allocate more time to analyzing the results and gaining valuable insights. The reduced time spent on maintaining the solution allowed them to focus on understanding their customers better and addressing their needs more effectively.

Raffle provided Frederiksberg Forsyning's customers with the right answers and the information they needed to improve their marketing strategies and streamline content creation. This new knowledge enabled them to create content that truly catered to their customers' desires and preferences. As a result, their website became a reliable hub for customers seeking solutions to their problems, empowering them to find answers independently and saving both the customers and the company valuable time.

 “Before using raffle we had to guess what our customer's interests were but now with the insights from Raffle, we can actually look into their minds and know what their interests are.” 

The Importance of Speed in Customer Service

Time is one of the most valuable commodities in our society, once it's gone, it can’t be replaced, it can't be bought or bargained with, and it is always feeling, which is why it’s one of the most important components in any business. According to Forbes,  a recent study noted that two-thirds of customers say speed is as important as price and that 50% of customers are less likely to spend money with a business that takes longer to respond than they expect. By making sure that customers are attended to not only effectively but also quickly, businesses have a higher chance of succeeding and building loyalty. That's why it’s so important to make sure that the search function serving customers on your website in their times of need is crucial.

In the study, over half of the surveyed customers revealed that they preferred the first business that responded to their inquiries the fastest, even if it meant paying a higher price. Rapid response times have a significant impact on your business's bottom line. Just as exceptional customer service and convenience outweigh pricing concerns, swift responses and efficient service hold similar importance.

The study demonstrates that customers are willing to pay more for immediate service to avoid waiting in lines, being put on hold, and more. Speed and convenience are highly prioritized by customers, with 27% of them being more likely to spend money when a brand exceeds their expectations with speedy responses. This highlights the importance of implementing a search function on your website that can meet this demand

The Raffle Effect

The positive impact of Raffle on Frederiksberg Forsyning's customer service operations has been almost immeasurable in regards to ROI. The tool's personalized approach, speed, and precision in matching questions with accurate answers, revolutionized their interactions with customers for the better. By streamlining the process and gaining insights into their customers' preferences, Frederiksberg Forsyning has elevated their customer support to new heights, making it easier for marketing and overall improving operations.

“If we were to lose Raffle we would most certainly experience a lot more phone calls to our customer service center.”
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