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Arbejdernes Landsbank Transforms Customer Experience with Raffle

Arbejdernes Landsbank faced challenges in understanding their customers and effectively managing their inquiries. However, after Raffle, they were able to overcome their challenges and gain insights into their customers, empowering them to deliver more precise and tailored support.
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About the company:
Arbejdernes Landsbank: Danish bank founded in 1919, 250k customers, 1,075 employees, offers varied banking services with 70+ branches.
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About Arbejdernes Landsbank

Arbejdernes Landsbank is a Danish bank founded in 1919 with approximately 250,000 customers and 1,075 employees. As one of the largest banks in the Nordics serving workers and trade union members, it offers banking services to individuals, families, and SMEs, including accounts, loans, mortgages, investments, insurance, and pensions. It operates through branches and online banking, prioritizing the interests of its cooperative members. They currently have over 70 branches in Denmark.

Kenneth rated Raffle as a top choice: “I can’t find any problen that it should solve, that I haven’t seen it do already.”

With Raffle Search, Arbejdernes Landsbank gained the ability to understand their customers and their needs better, enabling them to better cater to them. After adding Raffle, their website became user-friendly, and highly effective, allowing customers to promptly and effortlessly access the information they need.

Why Arbejdernes Landsbank Needed Raffle Search

Arbejdernes Landsbank's customer service had been facing everyday challenges, leading to frustration among customers. Kenneth Christoffersen, their Digital Business Manager, identified their website's struggle to effectively analyze and categorize online customer inquiries as a major hurdle. “We were experiencing difficulties in identifying the most relevant questions, tracking unanswered inquiries, and gaining valuable insights into user interactions”

Evaluating what kind of questions customers ask online (instead of on the phone), prioritizing the questions to be answered first, and spotting which questions can customer support not answer legally “were difficult for us to find data on—until Raffle,” said Kenneth.

According to Kenneth, collecting data on their customers had been difficult for them and was becoming a growing issue that urgently needed a solution, the solution was Raffle. After implementing Raffle in the fall of 2022, Arbejdernes Landsbank saw a considerable shift and improvement in customer service and engagement on its website. Given visibility into customer needs, Arbejdernes Landsbank was able to provide more precise and tailored support, vastly improving their customer service for the better.

“With Raffle, we get insight into what our customers care about and need. Raffle has made it easy for us to guide our customers to the right banking solution that best fits them,” said the digital business manager.

Why Customer Insights Matter

Enhancing the searchability and accessibility of your website's content presents a valuable opportunity to unlock and obtain insightful knowledge about customer behavior and preferences. By analyzing website traffic and search data, businesses can identify the most popular pages and products among their customers. This information can then be utilized to optimize website content and refine the overall business strategy, resulting in improved outcomes.

According to Aileen Day, the founder and CEO of Aileen Day Advisory, Australia's renowned customer experience firm, understanding your customers is always beneficial for your business, “Understanding your customer’s needs leads to an increase in your customer’s perceived value, which correlates to higher customer retention and increased sales”. In an article she wrote for Forbes, she highlights that comprehending customer needs leads to an increase in their perceived value, which correlates with higher customer retention and increased sales.

By gaining customer insights, businesses can effectively identify the best opportunities for growth and develop a comprehensive understanding of their customer base. This, in turn, empowers businesses to make informed decisions about various aspects, such as product features, content, and more, ultimately contributing to their overall success.

A New Beginning 

Raffle has proven instrumental in empowering Arbejdernes Landsbank to better understand its customers. With Raffle, Arbejdernes Landsbank is able to provide excellent customer support. As a result, Arbejdernes Landsbank can guide customers more efficiently toward appropriate resolutions. The insights obtained through Raffle have enabled them to refine their approach, ensuring customers receive the most relevant and accurate information. By harnessing the power of Raffle, Arbejdernes Landsbank has gained a deeper understanding of customer needs, allowing them to provide targeted assistance.

Kenneth gave Raffle Search the thumbs-up: “Collaborating with Raffle has been great, their product works exceptionally well and has been very beneficial for us. We’re very satisfied with Raffle.”
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