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Build next-gen search with Raffle’s powerful APIs

The Raffle Search API is a set of services allowing developers to quickly build highly custom solutions for their platforms and applications. The API is REST-based and easily integrated into a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks. Raffle provides extensive documentation and code samples so developers can get started quickly and efficiently.
Example of custom design using the API
Raffle's powerful AI-based search is the perfect solution for building state-of-the-art search experiences into your own web or mobile applications. It allows for fast and accurate search results, even with large data sets, and offers powerful features like auto-complete and "typo tolerance" when formulating the queries.
We built our API so developers can integrate Raffle Search directly into their own apps and products. The Raffle API design makes for an effortless integration with any Content Management System (CMS) like Umbraco and similar. Developers can easily define what content to index and include from their CMS.
Diagram of the Raffle API
1 - Easily Setup a raffle webcrawler
2 - Use Raffle plugin in your cms system to automatically sync/push content changes to Raffle
3 - Build your own content integration to the Raffle API
4 - Build your own search interface integrating to the raffle api
5 - Use an predefined search UI from raffle and easily include it on your web page
The Raffle Search API works in conjunction with the Raffle Application and its Insights Dashboard where the users can get detailed information about their search (i.e. trending questions, knowledge gaps, resolution rates based on feedback signals, etc).

To summarize, the Raffle Search API has several key features:

Raffle’s search is easy and straightforward to use and the API allows for a seamless “data in - answers out” approach.
Raffle's Search API supports auto-complete functionality, which suggests search queries as the user types.
Natural language search queries
Raffle’s search API allows users to write search questions in the way they would normally think about them. Which means Raffle search will always understand what they mean.
Real-time indexing
Raffle's search models are re-indexed and updated in real-time, allowing for immediate search results as soon as new data is added.
Raffle provides analytics on search usage and performance, allowing users to understand how their search implementation is being utilized.
Scalable and Reliable
The Raffle Search API is a scalable and reliable solution for integrating search capabilities into web and mobile applications.

API for Raffle Insights

The API for Raffle Insights provides an easy way of sending external events to the Raffle analytics platform. This could be statistics about how often customers have contacted their Support team directly, the number of visitors to their site, etc. All this information is stored in Raffle and can be used to review traffic and relevant statistics.

API for Business and Intelligence Systems

The API for Raffle Business and Intelligence Systems makes integrating tools like Google Analytics and other BI systems a seamless experience. Through this API, events are tracked and added to their own BI systems where users can use their preferred dashboards and tools to analyze their data.

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