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E.ON’s website lacked a proper search function and was creating frustration among their customers looking for answers to their questions on the site. After adding Raffle to their website, they were given the ability to provide their customers with the assistance they needed 24/7, something they weren’t able to do before.
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About the company:
E.ON: German utility giant, global reach, diverse energy operations, emphasis on sustainability, powering communities worldwide.
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About E.ON

E.ON, headquartered in Essen, Germany, is a prominent multinational electric utility company. With a rich history and global reach, it is one of the largest privately owned providers of electric utility services worldwide. E.ON SE's operations span across various aspects of the energy sector, including electricity generation, distribution, and retail services. With a focus on delivering reliable and sustainable energy solutions, E.ON plays a crucial role in powering communities and driving progress in the modern age

“I would say that now that we have Raffle, it's a 24-hour service, so our customers can ask their questions during the night time and actually get an accurate, fast answer - which was not possible before.”

With Raffle Search, E.ON  is able to offer its customers accurate and reliable solutions around the clock. Saving their customer's time and increasing their satisfaction with a website that is now user-friendly, and seamless at finding the answers customers need quickly and easily.

Why E.ON Needed Raffle Search

E.ON's website suffered from a deficient search function, rendering customers unable to find the answers they needed regarding services or account-related inquiries. A problem that was causing confusion and frustration among their customers they found solved after implementing Raffle. Nora Marie Falck, who works in E.ON's Marketing and Communications department, emphasized the need to improve the search functionality of the website, “We really needed to be able to make the site more searchable.”

“Raffle was a great opportunity for us to reduce calls and at the same time give our customers a greater customer experience 24/7”

After implementing Raffle, E.ON discovered that it was incredibly easy for their customers to find information on their website. With Raffle, navigation on its website became user-friendly and access to reliable accurate answers that customers were looking for became effortless. These significant improvements help E.ON’s to keep their website attractive to customers, new and old; instead of discouraging them to leave its website unanswered and unsatisfied. Another benefit of Raffle according to Nora at E.ON was how it helps with their onboarding process of new employees ” A valuable thing with Raffle is that you can actually use it to learn from the questions so in the onboarding phase or in the start phase when entering a company, you would be able to use raffle to train your employees.” 

Importance of Customer Service 

According to Forbes, businesses that focus on providing a superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than competitors that lag in customer experience. Another statistic in the same article says that “Loyal customers are five times more likely to purchase again and four times more likely to refer a friend to the company.”. In layman's terms, happy customers are good for businesses, and having a functioning search engine on your website can make a difference in leaving them happy, or the opposite.

By ensuring that your content is searchable and accessible, you can gain an opportunity to satisfy your customers, while gaining valuable insights that you can later use when onboarding new employees to serve them better. This data-driven information can be used to maximize the content on the website and improve the overall business strategy.

A study by Harvard Business Review found that having insights into your customers gave businesses a competitive advantage and helped them to increase revenue. Understanding customer behavior and preferences better can be used as a valuable tool to effectively learn how to properly cater to their needs, increasing engagement and sales in the end.

The Multi-Purpose Solution

E.ON upgraded its website's customer service by implementing Raffle’s cutting-edge solution, which elevated its support system to a new level. With Raffle, their customers now enjoy round-the-clock assistance. Raffle has also proved to be an invaluable tool for E.ON's onboarding process, streamlining the entire experience. 

“If we didn't have Raffle tomorrow then it would mean our customers wouldn’t easily find content on our website. That would create many more calls to our customer service, including frustration and lost opportunities”
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