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Quooker, founded '87, makes versatile faucets. Dutch-based family firm, 13 countries, 400+ employees.
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Founded in 1987, Quooker manufactures faucets that can boil water, filter water, and much more. Quooker is a family firm headquartered in the Netherlands but spans thirteen different countries with over 400 employees.

Quookers' search engine on their Danish website had not advanced with the company, and it was becoming difficult to find relevant information for customers on their website leading to frustration, lost information, and reduced customer conversion. Raffle Site Search was implemented on www.quooker.dk to immediately lead customers to the right answers to their questions, bringing the content on the Quooker website to life. In the meantime, the Raffle Platform collects insight on trending questions which allows Quooker to reduce churn and frustration by predicting future customer needs and producing content that is of interest. With Raffle, Quooker's resolution rate on hundreds of questions on their website immediately increased by 76%. Moreover, predicting customers' future needs and expectations allows Quooker to be proactive, increasing customer satisfaction and conversion.

A poor search can hold you back.  

Quookers search, like many search engines, was a traditional search that does not utilize advanced technologies to make customer searches faster and more accurate and does not gather insight into customers. Old search engines slow down operations leading to inefficiencies as employees answered customer inquiries, managed and maintained data and content. A poor search results in wasted time, money and reduces customer conversion. Quooker recognized this issue and wanted to solve the problem for their customers to deliver world-class service to match their products. 

“An old search is slow and holds you back from reaching customers right in front of you. Raffle is fast. And not only is it fast, but it goes above what we think a search can be.”

Increase Resolution, Decrease Customer Churn.

While looking for solutions, Quooker found Raffle, a search engine powered by AI technologies, to find solutions quickly and accurately after every search. After an easy implementation of Raffle onto their Danish website with the Raffle launcher function, Quooker quickly saw their resolution increase to 76%. Customers are to use their own words to search for solutions quickly and easily on their site without the additional need for a customer service call. On average, over 500 customer questions are explored monthly on Quooker's website, and Raffle can provide accurate answers and solutions to each. This allows employees to relocate time to analyze future customer needs and produce relevant content for customers compared to Trending Questions from Insights on the Raffle Platform. 

“The trending questions were a big selling point as it gave direction to content and insight on customer trends.”
Quooker uses the Raffle Overlay on their website.It ensures their customers find the right answers to their questions or concerns instantly, without needing to navigate through numerous pages. 

Raffle is more than a search. 

Quooker chose Raffle due to the advanced search offering customers fast and accurate solutions and Raffle Advanced Insight. Raffle Advanced Insight provides vital knowledge about employee productivity and customer interactions on the site. You can see customers' most common or trending questions displaying what they are truly most interested in learning or finding on your site. Trending questions help generate content ideas for what customers are looking for and acquiring future customers. Additionally, Raffle knowledge gaps can help predict the future, giving insight into the uncommon questions customers ask and allowing you to be ahead of the curve. With Raffle, Quooker has seen improvements in its site search as customer satisfaction has increased. They have more insight into their customers, allowing them to produce needed content, predict the future, and provide superior service. 

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