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Profil Rejser uses Raffle to Optimize Search

Profil Rejser had suffered from a poor search engine that limited customers' ability to find information. Raffle´s AI-powered search connected Profil Rejser to their customers by delivering accurate information and providing insights into the customer experience.
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About the company:
Profil Rejser: Danish travel expert since '82, offers tailor-made trips, cruises, business travel, prioritizing safety and satisfaction.
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About Profil Rejser

Since 1982, Profil Rejser has inspired Danes with exceptional global travel experiences specializing in tailor-made holidays, cruises, and business travel, exploring diverse cultures and natural wonders. With extensive expertise, Profil Rejser ensures your trip surpasses expectations by evaluating offerings, handpicking partners, and guaranteeing security. Profil Rjser has over 40 years of commitment to your safety and satisfaction.

“If I wanted to recommend Raffle, I would say probably nine to ten, I think we are only in the beginning of what the AI search Is capable of.”

With an unwavering commitment to their customer, Profil Rjser knew it was time to upgrade their search to Raffle after seeing how content was being lost due to misspellings, typos, and incomplete sentences. With the help of Raffle, Profil Rjser delivers exceptional digital tailor-made experiences similar to their travel experiences.

Why Profil Rejser Needed Raffle Search

Committed to providing an exceptional experience to their valued customers, Profil Rejser identified a need for improvement when they realized that their website's default search engine fell short of expectations.Their default search engine had limitations in its search capabilities causing inaccurate or inexistent results for misspellings, typos, or incomplete sentences. Existing and potential customers were not connected to the content and simply could not find answers leading to a poor search experience and churn. 

“Before we implemented Raffle, we had a sort of a default search engine implemented on our website and it had its limitations, mostly it was not able to correct for spelling errors.”

Profil Rejser wanted a solution that could provide accurate search results, regardless of mistakes such as errors, misspellings, typos, or incomplete sentences. To address this, they decided to implement Raffles AI-powered Search engine. Now existing and potential customers are instantly connected with solutions, ensuring their customer experience is aligned with Profil Rejsers’ commitment to customers’satisfaction. 

Importance of Commitment

Raffle is more than just an intelligent search - it also provides valuable insights into what customers are searching for. Søren Tarding Rasmussen, Head of Digital and Site Management, noted that “The administration interface of the dashboard presents some knowledge gaps so that we can see which search phrases our visitors have entered, but not found, and create the content that was missing. Or we could do that little workaround with an instant answer, which is a function in the search engine from Raffle, where we can quickly create a temporary answer for a knowledge gap”. Raffle's Insight Dashboard provides insight into knowledge gaps, trending questions, and much more, while instant answers allow you to address these head on keeping you ahead of the curve. According to 80% of consumers, the user experience provided is just as essential as the services (Salesforce). Which is why Raffle Search believes in enhancing your users experience for the long run. 

The Bottom Line

Profil Rejser has experienced a significant transformation in their website's search functionality, thanks to the implementation of Raffle. With Raffle's advanced search capabilities, users now enjoy the benefits of obtaining accurate, instant, and effortless search results, enhancing their ability to find the information they need promptly and efficiently. This seamless integration of Raffle into Profil Rejser's website has undoubtedly elevated the user experience, ensuring that customers can navigate through the website with ease and satisfaction.  

“We use the Raffle Search product on our website mostly for, of course, delivering search results to our visitors.”
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