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Krifa, founded 1899, advocates for Danish employees, now 190,000+ members, expanding services for better work conditions.
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Founded in 1899, Krifa has continuously fought to improve the working conditions for Danish employees and has grown to over 190,000 members. Krifa continues to expand its offerings to Danish workers to improve workplace environments, retirements, work ethics, and much more.

Before Raffle, Krifa had a traditional chatbot that intended to help members get answers to questions. However, the chatbot was a hassle requiring many hours of configuration with limited to no output. As chatbots are manually maintained, Krifa had to foresee what members were asked to create content. Still, even worse, members got the wrong answers or no answers, as building the logic into the chatbot is very time-consuming. The waste of time and the risk of losing members made KRIFA look to other services. They implemented Raffle Site Search in a couple of days with immediate success. Now they could give their members the answers they needed, provide instant and accurate answers to member inquiries from day one with no maintenance needed. As a bonus, Raffle had insights on members and usage performance on top.

Krifa increased their search resolution rate to 86% overnight, and via Insights in the Raffle Platform, they identified vital content gaps (content gaps are predictions made from member questions that tell you what content is relevant to produce to increase user satisfaction) after only a week in production. Insights on Trending Questions and general usage underlines user needs and gives KRIFA the ability to be proactive in their offerings and services, increasing NPS and reducing churn.

Let's face it - traditional chatbots don't work

Traditional chatbots are not a search. They only understand what you tell them to understand. They operate through keyword search (traditional) and understand each word separately with no sense of meaning or context until they have many examples created by humans. This makes it very time-consuming to make a traditional chatbot that understands simple strings of text. Traditional chatbots are meant to understand the business and communicate that to users, yet due to keywords being searched, many irrelevant answers are given. This was precisely Krifa's problem with their chatbot, as its functionality did not meet their expectations or those of their members. Chatbots also need maintenance from the Support Team or a Tech team, meaning these technology solutions that should make life easier tend to be costly and time-consuming. Chatbots tend not to provide any data on members even though it has a high level of interaction; thus, a tool that could otherwise offer valuable member insight is useless. A search should provide accurate solutions quickly and be dependable; unfortunately, chatbots are not. 

"Chatbots are aging out….they are becoming like a cassette tape, a useless piece of tech. AI just works.”

Switch from a traditional chatbot to Raffle

Krifa decided to ditch their traditional chatbot for a solution that would provide them with analytical data on their members to decrease churn, focus on increasing resolution, and dive into member trends. That switch led them to Raffle. Raffle is an advanced AI-powered search that allows members to search for instant and accurate solutions easily. Due to Raffle’s unique AI, the platform understands the contextually meaning and the relationship between each word, unlike a traditional chatbot that only understands individual keywords, allowing for accurate solutions to appear after every search. That means members no longer have lengthy and fruitless conversations with a robotic chatbot. Additionally, Raffle has detailed analytics that enables insight into members trending questions and where questions need more validated content and answers. Once Krifa implemented Raffle onto their website, they immediately saw a decrease in member churn and started to see insight into member interactions with their site, product, and content.

“Raffle completely changed the way we work. We work smarter than ever before.”
By using the Raffle Launcher with Top Questions, Krifa ensures that their customers instantly get answers to their questions on the main page.

Raffle is a search that provides Member Data

Raffle is more than a search engine but provides analytics. Once implemented, Raffle continuously gathers data on members organizing questions by context, allowing insight into trending member questions and areas of improvement, allowing you to provide the best experience, develop needed content, and instantly offer solutions. Raffle Advanced Insight provides Content Gaps, or where the solutions provided to inquiries have low validity, notifying you that content or campaigns (Instant answers) need to be created. Krifa utilizes Raffle Advanced Insight daily for insight into customers and to increase resolution. Raffle does not end at being an excellent search but provides analytics that helps your business improve operations and increase productivity. 

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