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By being a Referral Partner of Raffle, you can easily unlock a new revenue engine with minimal effort. Empower your customers to intuitively find the answers they need every time. All through one single search bar.

Benefits of being a partner of Raffle

Raffle has built well functioning processes to ensure success for both parts
Utilization of partnership ecosystem to maximize the opportunities for success
Generous long-term commission model
Extensive support by Raffle’s Partnership Team
Minimal effort needed from your side to grow your revenue

Open the door for us and let us close the deals

1 - Register your Leads
Register your Leads
2 - Help us with a worm introduction
Help us with a warm introduction
3 - Get Rewarded
Get Rewarded

How you become a Partner

Immediately after signature

You will receive an email regarding onboarding & training.

Onboarding meeting will be scheduled with relevant participants.

Within two weeks

Introduction to our partnership model which include the system we can collaborate around.

Alignment on how both parties can support each other.

Between 2-6 weeks (Follow up & feedback)

What has been the initial reaction among your customers and colleagues?

Presentation of further material to support your presentation.


See for yourself how companies like yours are improving their customer and employee experience.
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