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Increase member participation by implementing a seamless user experience that makes your website easy to navigate and gives members access to what they're looking for quickly without any issues.
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"Raffle is a great tool for 24/7 member communication. Cooperation is always a pleasure, delivering solutions that keep our service top-notch."
Lars W.,
Insurance Advisor at CA

Common challenges in Unions

Limited bargaining power
Limited choice
A pain points for union customers is the limited bargaining power they have compared to larger, non-unionized companies. Another one is the inflexibility of union contracts.
Union customers may also experience pain points due to bureaucracy and red tape within the union organization. This can lead to delays in decision-making and a lack of responsiveness to the needs of union customers.
Finally, union customers may feel that they have limited choice when it comes to selecting suppliers or vendors. This can be due to exclusive contracts between unions and certain companies, or because union customers are required to use unionized labor for certain services. This can limit the options available to union customers and prevent them from finding the best deals or most suitable products or services.

How Raffle solves your challenges

Be proactive with your members

Prevent problems from escalating by ensuring your members have easy access to your content to answer all their inquiries pertaining to their contracts, benefits, and concerns before they become major issues. This reduces the need for customers to contact customer service, saving you money and keeping them happy.

Stay informed

Learn more about your customers' interests and opinions with our Trending Questions, Trending Data and Behaviour Analytics tools that help you better understand what's most important to them, making it simpler for you to provide excellent service.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

When it comes to your members, it’s important that they get what they need, when they need it; no matter the time. Ensure that your members have access to round-the-clock assistance for all of their questions and concerns with our 24/7 Website Search and Chatbot support.

Don’t make them wait

Ensure that your website can handle any amount of member traffic seamlessly, without delays or the need for long wait times, and increase member satisfaction instead.

Provide 24/7 Availability

Balancing work schedules in customer service for off-hour support can be a real mess, right? From numbers to matching volatile demand. Why not introduce sophisticated self service using Raffle.
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