Raffle integrates frictionless with many systems making it possible to search across data sources and file types.

Most frequently used Integrations

CMS providers

You can use Raffle on any type of website, no matter if you use a CMS like Wordpress or an advanced framework.
With our plugin solution it takes less than 5 minutes to install Raffle on you website. We support all these CMS and more.

Customer service

Raffle offers a self-service solution that integrates also with your existing customer service platforms.
We offer a solution that can be integrated into your existing help center. Thanks to our Support Channel feature we can easily route visitors to your live chat service, if needed.
Raffle AI Live Chat integration with Zendesk

Internal communication

The possibility to integrate Raffle to your sources is almost limitless.
You can connect to your internal tools such as Google Workspace or Sharepoint and use Raffle to search across everything related to your company. Some integrations are easy to set up and described in our documentationwhile others are available through API.

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Provide accurate and consistent answers to your customers' and employees' questions.  Improve customer satisfaction and streamline your operations with zero maintenance required.

AI Chat Assistant

A customer using Raffle AI Chat Assistant
Safe generative models fine-tuned for you. Provide accurate human-like conversations powered by your content. Engage customers in a way that traditional robotic chatbots simply can't match.

Read our Documentation

Our most used integrations have a specific guide to help you implementing raffle on them.

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