AI Chat Assistant

Built reliable, accurate &
very fast
Chat Assistants

With the raffle custom AI Framework you can configure your own safe and hallucination-free Chat Assistants in less than an hour. No developers needed.

Zero maintenance

A seamless non-hallucinating chat assistant experience powered by Raffles custom AI Framework and designed to be implemeted in a few hours and work from day 1

For any use case

Build as many Chat Assistants as you like, on any CMS. Have raffle understand any language.
Get everything, through the raffle custom AI Framework.

Full control

Point to different content areas, create custom support flow options, have custom designs, customize Tone of Voice, Re-rank your content and so much more...

Safe and Compliant

We value security deeply and go through annual audits to uphold the highest security measures with our SOC2-Type 2 certification.
Moreover, Raffle is fully compliant to GDPR & HIPAA.
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"Raffle kept their promise of delivering instant accurate answers to our users 24/7, and more so"
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Reduce calls and increase customer satisfaction

Intelligent and Secure AI Conversations

Boost self-service to improve customer satisfaction. Enhance your Customers digital experience with Chat Assistants.
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Quick install without maintenance

Unlike basic chatbots that require extensive training and ongoing maintenance, Raffle Chat Assistant starts working right away with no coding or upkeep required. No more manual work and no need for developer time.

Reliable and quick results

With Raffle’s accurate intent detection and sky-high precision, customers get quick and relevant responses that improve their experience.
Answers come from your data only and is trained with your own custom raffle AI models, ensuring 100% reliability, no hallucination and fast, correct answers to your users.

Provide Useful Insights

Improve customer service by gaining customer insights, filling content gaps, and staying on top of trends. Get data on resolution rates and time spent serving customers, to identify areas for improvement.

Secure and compliant

You control the access to content sources, and how answers are shown. Raffle ensures anonymisation and full privacy upholding the laws of GDPR and the extensive audits on security for SOC2 Type 2!

Chat: powerful search & smart conversational interface

Discover the technology behind Raffle Chat Assistants and find out what makes it incredibly accurate, safe and maintenance free.
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AI Chat Assistant on your data trained on safe custom models

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