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Om | Nieuwe Energie Optimizes Customer Service

Implementing Raffle's search engine, Om | Nieuwe Energie has achieved remarkable customer service improvements, reducing call volumes significantly and delivering swift, accurate answers to customer inquiries, thereby enhancing their overall website experience.
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About the company:
Om | Nieuwe Energie: Dutch non-profit, green energy collective, local sustainability, recognized for 7 years, community-focused.
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Om | Nieuwe Energie is a green non-profit energy collective in the Netherlands, generating local sustainable electricity through collaboration with energy cooperatives. Founded in 2012 as the Sustainable Energy Union, they aim to accelerate the energy transition by decentralizing energy generation and making neighborhoods more sustainable. Recognized as the greenest supplier for seven years in a row by Consumers' Association, Nature & Environment and WISE. With competitive prices and a focus on complete sustainability, Om | Nieuwe Energie empowers communities to shape an energy-neutral future.

“I think Raffle in one sentence is an easy tool to guide our customers towards the right content.”

With Raffle, Om | Nieuwe Energie has significantly reduced incoming calls and enhanced customer satisfaction, enabling self-service options on their website and delivering validated answers to customer inquiries. This integration has not only optimized their website functionality but also elevated the overall customer experience.

Why Om | Nieuwe Energie Needed Raffle

Om | Nieuwe Energie had faced significant challenges in meeting their customers' growing expectations for faster response times, primarily due to a subpar search function on their website. Consequently, they found themselves overwhelmed with a high volume of incoming calls, straining their resources. Being the foremost green energy collective, their customers had diverse and intricate inquiries that demanded continual attention. Unfortunately, the extended resolution times started affecting customer satisfaction levels negatively. Moreover, the frustration stemming from the website's poor content navigation further compounded the declining customer experience.

“Our customers tend to want to see a quick answer to their question and that’s where the tools really helps. Because normally they wouldn’t be able to find it that easily and would pick up the phone a lot fast than you would hope.”

Om | Nieuwe Energie knew they needed a solution to ease the frustration for customers to locate information and content on their website, which would directly reduce the strain on the customer support team by decreasing incoming calls. With the implementation of Raffle Search, Om | Nieuwe Energie was able to achieve just that by giving customers the ability to instantly find the correct solutions and easily engage with content, reducing incoming calls and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Importance of Self-Service

Providing customers with the ability to self-serve on a website holds significant importance in today's customer service landscape. Research conducted by American Express reveals that more than 60% of consumers prefer automated self-service options for simpler customer service tasks, such as using a website or mobile app. This preference reflects the growing demand for convenient and efficient solutions that empower customers to find answers and resolve issues independently. Furthermore, Gartner research highlights the substantial benefits organizations can reap from implementing Virtual Customer Assistants, with reports of up to 70% reductions in calls, chat, and email inquiries. Raffle helps companies improve their self-service options and streamline customer support processes, to improve efficiency, and ultimately enhance the overall customer experience. 

The Bottom Line

By leveraging Raffle, Om | Nieuwe Energie has successfully minimized incoming calls while boosting customer satisfaction through effective self-service provisions on their website. This strategic implementation has not only optimized their website's functionality but has also resulted in an elevated overall customer experience by providing reliable and validated answers to customer inquiries.

“For those specific questions the Raffle tool is really great!”

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