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Learn how Sinnerup used Raffle Instant Answers to swiftly answer customers and gain insights on their needs.
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Sinnerup provides their customers with quality interior design aimed at improving lifestyles since 1971.
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The challenge with campaigns

Sales and marketing campaigns dramatically increase customer service calls as customers inquire how to utilize the campaigns and what the benefits are. It is difficult for companies to stay on top of content on their websites for individual and temporary campaigns. Yet, the lack of information leads to confusion, frustration, and more work for employees.

Utilizing the Raffle Instant Answers feature in Raffle Site Search led Sinnerup to instantly answer campaign questions allowing customers to search for quick and simple solutions. This turned off pressure from customer service agents and led to a decrease in confusion and frustrations among customers. Now Sinnerup can make a banner through the Raffle Instant Answers feature for all their sales and marketing campaigns, addressing customers' inquiries on the spot. Customers can easily search for accurate information on campaigns even if the content does not exist on the site - it does within the search- which dramatically reduces the number of calls, chats, and emails going through to customer service and saves Sinnerup 1000s of dollars every month.

“It was like turning off the water, we were no longer drowning in calls.” - Sinnerup Customer Support
Sinnerup provides their customers with quality interior design aimed at improving lifestyles since 1971. Sinnerup views their customers as the "biggest source of knowledge and inspiration".Sinnerup uses the Raffle Launcher with Raffle Summary on their website. This allows their clients to get concise and instant human-like answers to all their questions. 

Starting down the Campaign Trail 

Sinnerup led a customer loyalty Campaign, wherein customers acquired marks on their loyalty cards for future discounts. The initial start of the campaign lacked clarity, with limited information on their website. The company witnessed increased traffic to the Call Center and customer inquiries within their stores. Employees were spread thin answering a plethora of questions and often lacked time to attend to every customer, causing confusion and frustration. Additionally, Sinnerup did not have the time, nor did they see the value in creating new content for every campaign, as they are temporary. However, they still needed a quick way to answer customers' questions on their website. Ultimately, Sinnerup employees lacked the time and digital support they needed to address the campaign issues and other customer inquiries.

Solving the issue of too many inquiries

Thus, they turned to Raffle to solve customer support and campaign issues. Raffle Site Search was quickly implemented within a day to solve their campaign issue by allowing customers to search within the website for a fast solution. Once customers clicked on the search icon at the bottom right and typed, using their own words without fear of spelling or grammar mistakes, their inquiry about the campaign, a banner appeared that answered all their questions. This function allowed Sinnerup to quickly address the campaign issue and end the excessive demand of the customer support team.

Campaigning for advanced insights

Raffle also gathers analytics on Sinnerup customer questions and clusters them into groups in the Raffle Insights Dashboard. This enables customer support teams to see which topics are most commonly searched for, how many inquiries are being solved, and which content is missing on the website. This information enables even better customer support and digital experience.

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