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Innovative companies use Raffle's AI powered search engines to enhance their search capabilities, facilitate knowledge sharing, and gain deep insights into the behavior and needs of both customers and employees.
Raffle serves +2 million people and is trusted by industry-leading companies
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We believe that companies already possess the data they need to succeed and reach their full potential. That’s why we’re dedicated to making search more accessible through the use of AI technology. Our  solutions - including Raffle Search and Raffle Chat - make it easy for companies to organize and optimize their existing content.
With Raffle, you can streamline your search process and make the most of your data. We use AI to improve companies’ customer and employee understanding through tracking interactions and utilizing behavior analytics for data insights such as trending questions, knowledge gaps, and resolution rates, thereby enhancing communication & support.

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Raffle Insights

Raffle Insights offers behavior analytics to help you understand your customers and employees better. Our analytics provide an all-time summary of session traffic, an overview of routed support flow, and information on when and why customer support is contacted. This data can help you make data-driven decisions and can also show the savings facilitated by Raffle.

Raffle Summarynew

Our Summary tool utilizes advanced AI technology to help you create concise and easy-to-understand summaries of your content. By taking the top search results from your data, it condenses the information into one clear answer.
Improving engagement with your target audience.
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Why Raffle exists

Data is the new currency, but it’s becoming harder to find.

Data is growing faster than most companies can handle, leading to wasted time and lost productivity for employees and frustration for customers. Quick and seamless access to data is crucial for success in a world where it is as valuable as currency.

Traditional search is unable to keep up.

Traditional search methods are inadequate for companies trying to make their data discoverable. Raffle search uses natural language processing and understanding to mimic human behavior and serve user needs with a forgiving search system.

With countless tools, comes countless problems.

Raffle uses intelligent technology to organize and optimize company data, by understanding areas with knowledge gaps and then using our Banners tool to create temporary answers to solve those problems in real time.

Why Raffle is needed

End-user privacy is fundamental

Ensuring the confidentiality and security of your personal information is a top priority for us.

Trusted by industry leaders

Get a free search benchmark on your data.
Raffle is a great tool for 24/7 member communication. Cooperation is always a pleasure, delivering solutions that keep our service top-notch.
Lars W.
Insurance Advisor
Raffle Site Search provides instant answers 24/7 to all sorts of customer questions with sky-high support availability & service level.
Frida L.
Operations & Communications Coordinator
Insights show visitors' needs; we can configure Search tools to meet their expectations. Raffle is a trusted partner focused on our success & open to new ideas. They understand our goals and help improve our business & customer experience.
Jesper M.
Knowledge Manager
Finding the necessary information quickly without having to seek assistance from others or recreate previously unsearchable documents will save us a lot of time. Raffle Search instantly gives right results on >500K docs, 6 languages.
Morten R. O.
Great onboarding experience, delivering on the promise with clear expectations and understanding of our technical set-up. They actively listen and respond to our needs. Raffle's Search empowers citizens in our municipality with a direct path to easily find all necessary information to stay informed.
Kristian E. B.
Head of Communications & Business Support
Raffle boosts our website search: 89% of customer inquiries are answered instantly. Implementation was super easy. We were up and running in a short time. Raffle just works immediately.
Hanne T.
Digital Marketing Manager
Raffle's "Banners" helps handle high volumes of questions by providing instant answers on the website, effectively controlling the flow of inquiries. Like turning off the tap! Our support team can feel a significant decrease in incoming calls. Customers now resolve most of their queries with Raffle on our website.
Jes A.
Marketing & Ecommerce Manager
Implementation was quick, even with a complex intranet login. Raffle is really good at adapting to different environments. Raffle Search is rapidly advancing and its configurations are typically straightforward to implement.
Kasper A.
Head of Department
Raffle kept their promise of delivering instant, accurate answers to our members 24/7, and more so. Before Raffle, we lost customers having a time-consuming and poor chatbot & search set-up. Raffle solved that instantly. Insights reveal online visitor needs and expectations. We effortlessly configure search tools for seamless self-service experiences.
Benjamin D.
Digital Manager
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