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Businesses use Raffle's software and API to intuitively search, share knowledge, and understand behaviour and demands of both customers and employees.
Raffle guides you to the right answer out of the box - that's our promise.

Raffle serves +2 million people and is trusted by industry-leading companies

Why Raffle is needed

Data is growing exponentially.
Traditional search accuracy can't keep up.
Countless tools are needed, which multiplies the problem.
Start finding what you need. Just Raffle it.

How Raffle helps

Live insights from customer and employee behaviour.
Search like you would ask a question
Understand what you are missing
React quickly to needs
Monitor what's on everybody's mind 
Follow behaviour analytics

Why Raffle exists

93% of business owners see customer service as extremely important to business success

Harvard Business Review by Mathilde Collins

"To deliver the desired service experience, teams must focus on enabling collaboration by eliminating silos that inhibit communication and collaboration."
Improving the Customer Service Experience

Improving access to knowledge increases employee productivity by 50%

McKinsey & Company by Thomas H. Davenport

"The key to better productivity is applying technology more precisely."
Rethinking knowledge work: A strategic approach

Roughly 30% of the workday is spent searching for information

International Data Corporation

"60% [of company executives] felt that time constraints and lack of understanding of how to find information were preventing their employees from finding the information they needed."
Information: The Lifeblood of the Enterprise

Employees spend 1.8 hours a day searching and gathering information

McKinsey & Company

"Put another way, businesses hire 5 employees but only 4 show up to work; the fifth is off searching for answers, but not contributing any value."
The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies

How quickly Raffle helps your business win

Replace your current search engines with Raffle.
Connect your sources and tools with connectors
Choose your search widget or connect our API
Embed your Raffle widget
Start finding what you're searching for in one search bar

Read our Insights Papers

Explore the differences between keyword-based search, string search, mixed keyword search, and user errors in search and how Raffle AI compares to all of these.

Raffle Search
vs. Traditional Search

Understand the differences between Chatbots, Traditional Search, and the AI-powered Raffle Search.

Differences in Search Tech - Why you need to think twice

Connect Raffle on top of your tools

Connect Raffle to your website, Google Workplace, Slack, and much more.

Raffle Solutions

Our search engine is based on years of extensive R&D, changing what is possible in search.

Search doesn't have to be painful

Learn how E.on uses Raffle to increase customer satisfaction and onboarding of employees


"If we didn't have Raffle tomorrow, it would complicate things and be more time-consuming for our customers and our company."
Nora Marie Falck
Marketing & Communication
Learn how Frederiksberg Forsyning uses Raffle to increase customer satisfaction and onboarding of employees

Frederiksberg Forsyning

"Raffle enabled us from day one to give customers precise answers to the questions they ask, in the way they ask them."
Kristian E. Beyer
Head of Communications
Learn how Dansk Magisterforening uses Raffle to increase customer satisfaction and onboarding of employees

Dansk Magisterforening

"With Raffle, we provide customers with what they need in 1 click, not 5. Implementation was flawless, and we haven't had any questions of where to find things since."
Digital Project Manager
Learn how Visma Economic uses Raffle to increase customer satisfaction and onboarding of employees

Visma Economic

"Raffle is just running by itself. If we didn't have Raffle tomorrow, I would get angry customer supporters that would be missing the value it adds for them."
Knowledge Manager


time unlocked
Release time and cut costs.


question answered correctly
Get value out of your content.


customer needs satisfied
Understand problems and prioritize optimization.

It only takes a few minutes to improve your search experience

Replace your current search with Raffle - seamlessly and without hassle. Get a free trial today or get in touch with Sales.

End-user privacy is fundamental.

Loved by industry leaders

Frida Lodberg

Whenever we need help from Raffle they are always there. The availability and service level at Raffle is sky-high.

Operations & Communications Coordinator
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Lars Widing

Raffle is a fantastic tool for maintaining dialogue with our members outside of our normal opening hours. The cooperation with Raffle is always a pleasure, where we are with solutions that help maintaining good service to the members.

Insurance Advisor
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Benjamin Damsgaard

Raffle Site Search kept their promise of delivering instant accurate answers to our members 24/7, and more so.

Digital Manager
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Jesper Mieritz

Our Customer Agents saves a great deal of time getting the answers from Raffle instantly. It connects the company knowledge closer to our employees in the customer's context.

Knowledge Manager
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Kristian E. Beyer

Raffle has given the citizens in our municipality a much easier and direct way to search for all the information they need to stay on top.

Head of Communications and Business Support
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Hanne Thorsgaard

The implementation was super easy and we were up and running in a very short time. Raffle just works immediately and answers 89% of our customer inquiries instantly."

Digital Marketing Manager
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Kasper Antonsen

The implementation of Workplace Search was really quick, even though we have a complex login routine on our intranet. Raffle is really good at adapting to different environments.

Head of Department
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Morten Rask Olsen

With Raffle Workplace Search we instantly get the right search results on over half a million documents and in six different languages.

Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Jes Appel

When something makes the inflow of questions peak we utilize Raffle Campaign, so our customers can get instant answers on the website. It's like turning of the water!

Marketing & Ecommerce Manager
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial