An Omnichannel Support Solution

Collect relevant information, improve phone support and provide an easy-to-use interface for customers.

Phone support

We offer a phone support feature in our Support Channel extension to provide quick and efficient help to customers who need to speak to someone directly and resolve an issue or get the help they need.
phone support

Contact form support

The contact form support feature makes it easier for your representatives to respond quickly and accurately to your customer's inquiries and concerns. You can add specific fields to the contact form to collect relevant information such as account, order, or product number. Ensuring that your customer support team has all the necessary information to provide efficient and effective assistance to your customers.
contact form support

Live Chat Integration

From Raffle Chat to Live Chat, seamlessly

Chat support

Our chat support feature is an easy-to-use customizable interface that integrates with any vendor you currently use. So you can get the same excellent service no matter your platform. With chat support, your customers can get help at their convenience.
chat with us
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Where to use it

Read more about Website search and how it works with the extension

Website Search

Website Search offers you the advantages of the support channel extension with a lot of other features: easier navigation on your website and greater access to the information they need while gaining valuable insights.

Support Channel Extension is included in all Raffle plans

*Chat Support is free for the Enterprise Plan
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