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Accommodate large volume of traffic and increase customer engagement by making information easy to find.

OiSTER Reduces Phone Wait and Boosts Service Standards

"We are enhancing customer experience when customers come through our website, so they are more likely to find the answers they are looking for, but it also enables us to gain insight into what our customers are actually looking for."
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Reduce calls

With Raffle your customers can get the answers to their questions instantly, removing the need for them to call you. Raffle reduces incoming calls by 36%, allowing your customer support team to focus on the most important tasks.

Insights into customer needs

Find out what your customers are searching for, what answers your website is lacking, and what pages are most commonly visited. Learn about what your customers need to know so you can help them before they even ask for help

Low maintenance

Raffle is a plugin which you can connect to sources of your choice. Implementation takes very little time, and once it’s set up, Raffle automatically relearns based on your content so that you don’t need to spend time adjusting it.

Guide your customers in the right direction

With Raffle’s 96% accuracy, your customers can always find the right answer to their questions - no matter how they phrase their query, and whether they make spelling mistakes.

Easy and automated, to go live in minutes

Forget about long time to setup, manual configuration and constant need for maintenance. You can try Raffle instantly, request a full version for free and decide if it's the right solution for you.
Installing Raffle only takes you few minutes.

AI Search & Insights Engine

Use Raffle Search to let your customers instantly find the answers they are looking for. Raffle Search understands the context of all questions, even with different phrasing or potential spelling errors.
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Intelligent and Secure AI Conversations

Do you want to give your customers a more human and interactive experience? Use Raffle Chat.

Insights Dashboard

Get real-time information on what your customers are searching for and what information your website is missing. Get an understanding of what your customers need.
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Top questions

Have the most popular questions visible on your Raffle widget, so that you can address the most pressing topics depending on the time of the year.

Quick to install

All you need to do in order to install Raffle is pick the sources you would like it to have access to, choose the widget you would like to use, and install the widget on your website and help center. It’s that easy!
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