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Offer accurate search results on your website 24/7

With Raffle you can simply replace your website searches with custom AI, all by yourself. No coding or AI expertise needed.

100% Reliability

Raffle is a controlled isolated and custom AI Framework that offers 100% reliability and  pinpoint accuracy, linking you to the exact and correct sections in milliseconds.

Critical business insights

Raffle offers an AI cluster technology that gives you an actionable overview oftrends in user questions, content gaps, traffic, CTR, resolution and much more.

Fast Implementation

Raffle works from day 1 and requires no maintenance. We automatically crawl and sync your content. We train with custom AI models, that gets to be yours alone.

Safety and Security

Raffle complies with the highest security standards, SOC2 Type 2, and data privacy standards,including GDPR and HIPAA.
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"We simply love Raffle! The Search just worked immediately and it took us less than a week to go live with multiple search-bars via API, on our university website"
Recruitment Director
@ Large University

Self-service, satisfaction and loyalty with AI

AI Search & Insights Engine

Make it easy to self-serve on your website.
Guide your users to the right content 24/7, while gaining valuable and business critical information about your target audience.

UI widgets that we have made ready for you!
With these you can replace your existing search in 2 minutes

Launcher Layout


Intuitive and always accessible
Embedded Layout


Have your search front and center
Inline Layout


Top of site, top of mind.
Overlay Layout


Let the search rule the screen
Dedicated Page Layout

Dedicated Page

Pull all resources into a single page
API Layout

Raffle API

Design it yourself and link it via API

Enhance the Digital Experience

83% of searches are made with other words than you use on the website. Raffle AI Search helps customers quickly find what they want, whatever words they choose to use. This improves customer engagement, conversion and at the end, revenue.
All this, just because you offer a great website search that understands your users.

Search made for humans

Raffle uses an hybrid search technology, which mimics human behavior and understands the meaning of words. Regardless of spelling errors or variations, Raffle AI Search provides correct, relevant answers.
Natural language understanding
Self-learning AI technology
Superior ranking system
Intuitive and personalized suggestions
Raffle hybrid search technology combines Keywords Search with Vector and Semantic Understanding

Accurate and relevant answers

Utilizing AI and machine learning to enhance performance, Raffle AI Search gathers data and continuously improves, delivering relevant and accurate information consistently.

A low maintenance solution

Raffle AI Search is an out-of-the-box solution that you can install from day one to deliver results and gain insights. Raffle offers free support to ensure that all your needs are always met.

Raffle Insights

Gain the ability to make better data-driven decisions and increase profitability. Better understand your customers' needs and behavior.
Improving self-service with AI Search will result in better customer service, increased user engagement and a better economy of scale.

See it in action

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