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Raffle Employee Search revolutionizes DTUs Intranet and heavily increases self service among students and lecturers.

Discover how DTU improved the searchability of their site with no maintenance needed and no code!


The University of Technology (DTU) uses Sharepoint Intranet as the platform where students, lecturers and professors can search all the information they need among more than 40,000 documents, files and pages. However, the Sharepoint search did not work and besides inhibiting students and lecturers from finding reliable information on their only platform, it also caused an overwhelming flood of questions going through to their student counseling teams and between colleagues.


DTU uses Raffle to create a seamless search API so that they can keep their own search design in Sharepoint and make an integrated experience for the students and lecturers. Raffle now works as the Search engine on Sharepoint and gives everyone the search experience they longed for and needed. In contrast to their previously outdated search, DTU now has no maintenance as Raffle is self maintaining allowing students and lecturers to quickly find answers.


Students and lecturers are now able to find information and answers in a glimpse of an eye, saving more than 90% of the time they spend beforehand searching, asking or reproducing answers. This adds up to an average of 4-7 hours per week in saved time per student and lecturer, not to mention the reduction in calls going through to student counseling.

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) was founded in 1829 with the aim of developing and utilizing the science and technical science for the benefit of society. Innovation is the cornerstone of the 6,000 staff members at DTU, and they continue to build on their competencies through the implementation of innovative and advanced technologies, such as Raffle.  

Collaborative Excellence.

DTU decided to partner with Raffle providing students, lectures, and professors, with the best search, supported by advanced technologies allowing DTU to have a product that worked for them the same day and required no maintenance in the future. DTU was able to easily implement the advanced raffle technology, which utilizes AI, to increase the searchability of their website for students. Now, students are provided with a search that quickly delivers relevant and valid solutions to their inquiries within an instant- 24/7. Additionally, DTU does not have to maintain the search as Raffle's advanced technology continually improves the search function, while our team of experts works to improve the user experience. This means that DTU can focus on the research of innovative technologies and assist students' educational experience on their website through raffle search functionality. 

“Raffle search is a smart search- it just continues to get better with each use!”

Technological Excellence.

DTU is at the forefront of the next groundbreaking and innovative tech, and in order to be at that forefront, they needed a web search that was just as groundbreaking. Their traditional search was slowing them and their students down causing data and resources to be lost or not found. DTU cares for their students, lectures, and professors, and wanted to provide a search that was dependable, fast, and answered inquiries allowing greater access to information on their website. Yet, in order to deliver a superior search to students and employees, DTU would have to put a lot of time and resources into building a new search engine and then maintaining that search. DTU was stuck between wanting to offer a superior experience and wanting a solution that would be hands-off so they can focus on developing other technologies, improving employee experience, and student education. Previously they had a search that required a lot of maintenance and still provided poor search.

“Raffle is a simple plugin solution that has a very high impact on our search.”

A lasting impact for students, DTU, and Raffle. 

Students, lecturers, and professors at DTU have noted the improved website searchability and DTU has seen an increase in functionality, use, and student satisfaction. DTU is also able to monitor the most frequently asked questions by users, and the questions that do not have valid answers on the webpage enabling them to better address needs on the spot. Though Raffle needs no maintenance, DTU has access to analytics to understand interactions and searches on their website, and can customize their experience through color, font, display of content, sources linked, and where the search is located on the webpage. DTU can easily continuously improve upon the student, lectures, and professors' experience while saving time and money with raffle. With raffle, DTU has revolutionized their website by empowering students, lectures, and professors to find accurate solutions increasing knowledge and access to resources. 


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“Raffle is a simple plugin solution that has a very high impact on our search.”