Neurons uses Raffle to reduce customer churn

Neurons faced challenges as customers struggled to locate relevant content on their website, resulting in their inability to promptly address customer inquiries and ultimately leading them to seek solutions from competitors.
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Neurons: Danish SaaS firm, AI predicts human attention, neuroscience & ML, trusted by Google, Facebook, CocaCola for brand experiences.
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About Neurons

Neurons is a SaaS company based in Denmark that uses AI to predict human attention on content raging from static ads to videos. Neurons combines the power of neuroscience and machine learning to improve how consumers experience brands. Neurons is trusted by Google, Facebook, CocaCola, and many other global brands to create designs, visuals, and experiences that meet their real purpose.

“Raffle for me, is the future of search!”

By leveraging Raffle Search, Neuron delivers answers to their customers instantly and provides constant access to support, while empowering their marketing team to have a better understanding of the content that customers need. This results in decreased customer churn as customers can now find the information they are searching for easily. 

Why Neurons Needed Raffle Search

Neurons struggled with a poor search function that could not deliver the content customers were searching for, leading them to assume that the answers were not there. Brian Seiling, Vice President of Sales at Neurons, noticed that their “customers need constant access to support, constant access to the service team” and if their self-service was too slow to respond or if answers can not be easily found then customers turned to their competitors. 

“Before Raffle we had customers complaining, "We didn't find the answers" and if I don't find the answers, I am going to assume it´s not there. Eventually, you look for other vendors…”

Neurons needed a solution that could quickly provide customers with the answers and notify them of content they were missing on their website to avoid customer churn. So, in 2023 they added Raffle’s AI-powered search engine to their website. According to Brian, “it took 32 to 40 minutes” for Raffle Search to be live on their website and to start generating insights for their marketing team. With Raffle's implementation, Neurons gained the ability to keep customers on their website by instantly answering their questions. Additionally, the marketing team now has the capability to address any missing content efficiently using the Raffle Insight Dashboard. As a result, Neurons have effectively decreased churn rates and maintained a higher customer retention rate.

Eliminating Customer Churn

“Raffle for us is prevention, to make sure our customers get the answers instantly so they don't get frustrated in the process. Raffle has also given our marketing team insights into what content needs to be available on the website.”

By making your website's content more searchable and accessible, you retain your customer's attention by giving them the answers they need reducing churn. Reducing customer churn is vital to business success as it directly impacts the bottom line and long-term sustainability. By focusing on customer retention strategies, companies can differentiate themselves from competitors and establish a reputation for providing exceptional customer experiences. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and lower attrition rates compared to industry peers (Source: Deloitte). Don´t lose your customers to missing or lost content when you can just use Raffle and retain customers. 

The Bottom Line

Neurons has increased customer retention with Raffle by instantly giving their customers the answers they seek. Moreover, Neurons uses Raffle´s Insights Dashboard to predict future knowledge gaps where they need to develop more content ensuring customers always have access to information and the ability to self-service. Now, customer churn is not a concern for Neurons. 

“I would recommend Raffle the highest I can, so if the scale is up to ten- ten, because if you want to avoid churn for your customers, you want to make sure they get to the information as quickly as possible and also use insight to improve external communication- Raffle.”
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