Unlock the Productivity of Your Employees: Get back to real work

Raffle provides a turnkey solution for unlocking employee productivity by giving employees greater access to information.

Unlock employees' productivity by giving them more information and ensure their work feels valuable. This can be done by providing the resources for the right work to be done, offering flexibility, and increasing access to company knowledge. Raffle is a turnkey solution that is easily integrated with existing technologies, providing insights into data and employee productivity.

You can not measure employee productivity the same way you measure the productivity of digital assets. 

But you can increase employee productivity the same way you would with technology by giving access to more information. 

Reclaiming your Time 

Peter Drucker, a renowned management guru from the 80s, is quoted for “what gets measured gets managed”. Drucker theorized that time management would be vital to increasing the productivity of knowledge workers, yet how do we manage productivity? 

Knowledge workers create value through their ability to use and apply knowledge. Knowledge workers are drawn to productivity as it is intelligent and speeds up their cognitive skills to produce work. 

Yet, managing time does not necessarily lead to productivity. Time management focuses on the quantity of work produced over a period of time yet neglects the quality. If we focus on quantity over quality, we may create unusable or busy work. So, is that real productivity? 

Productivity focuses on the results and outcomes considering dynamic workflows, aka flexibility. The great myth about productivity is that it is tied to time. Yet, productivity is about outcomes, not the outputs of time management.

Running along the lines of Eric Reis, lean methodology, and agile development, we want to do more with less. In order to work smarter and not harder, it is not necessarily important to manage time but to ensure you manage the desired outcomes and that the work aligns with your goals.

Moreover, the nature of work has changed. Forbes in 2020, wrote that value creation is no longer produced through manual tasks. Time is an infinite resource, but instead of trying to create more time, why not free up time!

Freed Time is the key to Unlock Productivity 

To effectively and efficiently increase productivity, we need to break away from the constraints of traditional solutions of productivity and consider the outcomes we wish to see long term. In short, don’t waste your time - use it wisely, and you’ll be more productive. 

Our top three ways to easily unlock the productivity of employees are described below: 

  1. Make sure the right work is being done

It may seem like a no-brainer, but ensure the right work is being done. Now, what content or value do employees and customers need? 

Forbes in 2018 excellency explains the difference between being busy and being productive. Busy work or work that does not contribute to the company's strategic goals is a waste of time and does not contribute to productivity. Focus on understanding what is missing and what people are actually asking in order to create value and manage your time to get productive work accomplished. This is how you free productivity and time.

  1. Don’t Worry be Happy

The Entrepreneur in 2022 found that the Great Resignation and the global pandemic taught us about employee experience. Employees value their time and want to feel valued by the company; thus, they are more productive if they are treated as valuable. 

Even before the Great Resignation and COVID-19, the University of Warwick in 2015 found a correlation between employee happiness and productivity. This continues to reign true as Forbes in 2021 outlined key ways to increase happiness in the workplace to be more productive. They list that employees must feel valued and have agency over themselves and their work. That means having the right tools to be able to create work that is valuable and also allows employees independence and agency. 

Additionally, Forbes in 2021 focused on the importance of sharing and communicating company information and allowing employees to develop and learn. Access to information is imperative for employee happiness and productivity. 

  1. Make it easy- share information

As knowledge workers, we are constantly fighting to know more to stay relevant, ahead of the competition, and innovate. Harvard Business Review in 2020 references Peter Drunker, claiming that knowledge is the most valuable resource workers possess. Knowledge workers must have access to knowledge and must constantly learn. 

As much as we want to stay ahead, many knowledge management tools are outdated and overly complicated. Thus, these tools either slow productivity or are unusable. 

Sharing company data and knowledge is a key driver of the productivity and success of employees. Less time searching for information, waiting for a response to an email inquiry, or tapping on a colleague's shoulder who is in the zone means greater opportunity to do work that matters. AKA productivity. 

Let's be Productive - HOW? 

So, all this is great and all. But how? 

Harvard Business Review 2021 defends that it’s not about changing the employee's productivity but improving the systems and selecting the right tools to help employees be more productive. 

Managers and employees already have a full plate, and adding multiple tools is not a solution. We need to decrease the noise with a simple-to-use all-in-one tool. 

Raffle is that turnkey solution. Raffle Workplace Search easily integrates with your existing enterprise search or allows you to build an intuitive search on your platform or website. Requiring no code or maintenance, yet Raffle is customizable to your needs. In addition, Raffle allows your employees to be more productive. How? Let's see;

  1. Onboarding and Employee Productivity 

Raffle decreases onboarding time by 50% as new hires suddenly have immediate access to company knowledge that is accurate and reliable. Moreover, the effectiveness of Raffle Workplace Search continues to learn with employees, increasing the effectiveness of the tool and the productivity of employees. 

Raffle customer Visma can also testify that their onboarding times decreased dramatically as employees can unearth answers to their inquiries immediately. Jesper Miertiz, Knowledge Manager at Visma, states that Visma was “losing a lot of time sharing knowledge between [their] employees, in training and on a daily operational basis,” leading to an increased waiting time for our customers and longer on-boarding. With the implementation of Raffle Workplace Search employees were able to share knowledge quickly to find solutions to their own questions and customers reducing handling time by 56%.

  1. Insights on Data

Know what questions your employees are asking with Raffle’s Insights on Trending Questions. Knowing the common and recurring questions employees are asking helps you gauge areas of improvement where valuable opportunities lie.

Ever wonder what your employees don’t know - without having to ask them directly and analyze the data manually? Discover areas where there is not enough company knowledge hindering employee productivity, the success of your business, and ways to improve with Raffle’s Knowledge Gaps.

Don’t waste your time or jeopardize productivity with busy work. Create valuable work- not just labor. 

  1. Intuitive AI

Most importantly, you don’t have to tax your employees with learning new software as Raffle Workplace Search seamlessly integrates with your existing technologies and tools. Raffle requires no maintenance or code - it simply lies on top and allows your employees to search across systems/tools in one search. Raffle Insights displays valuable data that is easy to understand and apply to your daily operations. 

Postnord easily and quickly implemented Raffle Search into their existing site, increasing the searchability of all content with no code and no maintenance required. Many AI tools will require maintenance to continue to work correctly or will be low-performing AI resources, yet Raffle is neither. 

AI is made easy to use by Raffle, but only because Raffle is constructed by very complex algorithms and models, continuously learning, to give you one single Search tool above them all that will get you the right results immediately. 

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is a large educational institution with many diverse study programs. Though content is abundant, it is irritating for students and faculty to find accurate search results as the search yields content from across different programs causing confusion, misinterpreted information, and time wasted on sorting the unnecessary noise aside to find their solution. The Raffle Rules Engine, along with the advanced AI, can boost content in specific areas, e.g., content on Masters in the section for Master students, content on Bachelor in the section for Bachelor students, and so forth. As Raffle is self-learning and self-maintaining, DTU does not have to do anything else after setting up the rules for boosting content on the Raffle Platform and then letting Raffle do the work.

Don’t waste an opportunity to be productive. Save yourself time and frustration by accessing the outcomes Raffle can provide you today!

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