Unlock customer satisfaction

Give instant, accurate answers

Raffle transform your website into 24/7 customer service,
answering all queries that customers ask 🥇
No-code implementation
No maintenance
92% query resolution
Insight being pulled from customers through Raffle Knowledge gaps

Identify what your customers need

Catch your customers before they fall and give them extraordinary 24/7 service by identifying what they currently need.

Loved by
industry leaders

Hanne Thorsgaard

"The implementation was super easy and we were up and running in a very short time. Raffle just works immediately."

Digital Marketing Manager
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Benjamin Damsgaard

We lost customers having a search and chatbot that gave very poor answers and was very time consuming. Raffle solved that in instantly.

Digital Manager
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Jesper Mieritz

Raffle is a trusted business partner to us. They focus on our success and understand what we want to achieve. They are always open to new ideas on how we can use their expertise to improve our business and the experience we want to deliver to our customers.

Knowledge Manager
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Hanne Thorsgaard

With Raffle Site Search we now have a great search on our website that, besides getting used a lot, answers 89% of customer inquiries instantly.

Digital Marketing Manager
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Benjamin Damsgaard

The insights given show the needs and expectations of our online visitors. Furthermore, we have easy access to configuring the Search tools to meet self-service expectations.

Digital Manager
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Kristian E. Beyer

Raffle has given the citizens in our municipality a much easier and direct way to search for all the information they need to stay on top.

Head of Communications and Business Support
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Unlock your biggest assets

Raffle turns time used helping customers into freed productivity, meaning more time for you to do the work. No customer frustration, no dead-ends.

Raffle Site Search
helps you  

Stay on top of trends

Get a simple grouped overview of vital customer needs and interest areas
UI Example of Trending Questions from Raffle Insights

React to actual customer needs

Now you can be proactive and know when your customers need help. This includes anything urgent that makes your customers ask questions that are not covered on your website or in your applications.
Raffle Knowledge Gaps gathering customer insight allowing for instant reactions

Avoid being overwhelmed

Create Campaigns to quickly add content for specific short or long term needs
Insight gather from Knowledge gaps allows for call-to-action buttons, instant answers, banners by employees to customers

How Raffle works

Raffle outperforms traditional search by 2.5x out of the box. Unlike traditional search that counts words and works like a dictionary, Raffle reads the whole text like a human being. A dictionary gives you nothing but words and synonyms, whereas the whole text gives you context and intention. That is why Raffle will guide you to the right section no matter what words you use to ask for the same thing.
Example of how Raffle search works with all integrations

What about Security and Compliance?

Turnkey GDPR & HIPAA approved, compliant, stable and reliable platform with no downtime.

You're good to go!
Raffle Security and Compliance with lock and customizable settings

Manage your data

Using any of our connectors to seamlessly integrate

Sync with your current system

Our Customer Success Team connects your information with minimal involvement on your side
Raffle Insights page displaying data and information on customers interactions with Site Search

No-code implementation

Up and running in a couple of hours with blitzscaling performance on your website
No code and no maintenance needed on Raffle platform, but customizability and data on Raffle Insights

Never waste time again

With Raffle you can turn time into free productivity and growth.
Connect your systems and never look back.