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Our AIaaS solution for customer service agents just upgraded

Read about how Raffle employees have contributed to an AI-powered customer service tool that’s easy to use and looks nice too!

Earlier this month, we unveiled Raffle Workplace Search, an update to the product we’ve worked hard on for over six months. We’re extremely proud of the results.

Our development, data science, customer support, and design teams have all contributed to an AI-powered customer service tool that’s easy to use and, as an added bonus, nice to look at!

A simple plug-in for Google Chrome, it integrates neatly and easily with any customer service tools, such as ZendeskSalesforce, and Intercom.

Up and running in a matter of weeks, the beauty of the tool is its simplicity, despite the super-powered AI running under the hood.

So let’s take a look at the features we incorporated into the new version.

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A new interface

We’ve given Raffle Workplace Search a complete makeover to match our latest branding, giving it a sleek new look and feel. It’s also been moved into a new, more scalable, secure backend.

Content is now broken down more intelligently by the AI into readable chunks and bullet points, making it even more intuitive for the end user.

Raffle Workplace Search in action

Handy tools

Other user-friendly additions include simple touches such as the “insert text” and “insert link” functions. One-click of your mouse means that the relevant information (or the place to find more information) can be posted into the chat box, saving customer support teams time and effort.

Raffle Workplace Search also now supports the insertion of rich content. This is a fantastic development as it allows customer service staff to quickly share video and image-based content to help explain an issue.

Lastly, we’ve added “auto hide and show,” a simple yet effective tool that allows your team to customize their interface, so the tool only appears when they need it, or to keep it permanently available as a reference on their screen.

We’re proud of the new product, and we’re already hearing feedback that it’s helping our clients save even more time in their customer service centers.

Clients currently find a 97% reduction in repetitive tasks and an 85% reduction in search time with Raffle Workplace Search. We’re looking forward to finding even bigger reductions with our new version.

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