Hybrid Search: Matching both meaning and words

Hybrid Search: Matching both meaning and words

Find out what hybrid search is and how Raffle utilizes it to make our search available for all industries.
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Raffle’s cutting-edge hybrid search technology is revolutionizing the way users access and explore vast amounts of data. Raffle Search provides users with a personalized search experience. Behind the scenes, it operates by using a combination of techniques, including artificial intelligence, natural language processing, keyword matching and machine learning, Raffle Search is able to intelligently analyze user queries, to identify the most relevant search methods to apply. Dynamically adapting to different types of information and user preferences. 

This approach enables users to access a broader range of resources, including structured databases, unstructured documents, multimedia content, and even real-time data. Learn about the intricate inner workings of hybrid search technology, and why it’s able to effortlessly connect users to the information they seek, whilst simultaneously delivering results that are accurate, diverse, and highly tailored to the user's individual needs.

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