Raffle Search

Raffle Search

Accurate results 24/7 with data-driven Insights for customers and employees

Provide accurate and consistent answers to your users, gain insights into behaviours that can help your business thrive.

96% Accuracy

Lightning-fast search results with pinpoint accuracy, instantly linking you to the exact paragraph or section within a document in just milliseconds. No more wasted time scrolling.

Gather precious insights

Get an overview on session traffic, routed support flow, and customer support. Learn what users are asking about, identify missing content, track questions, and more.

Instant Integration

Raffle works from day 1 and requires no maintenance. You won’t have to worry about maintaining and training it - Raffle does all the work on its own!

Be and offer a secure solution

Raffle follows the highest data privacy standards including GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC2. We prioritize the security and privacy of user data and ensure it's protected and confidential.
Morten Rask Olsen, CTO at Strandmøllen

"With Raffle Search we instantly get the right search results on over half a million documents and in six different languages."

Morten Rask Olsen, CTO at Strandmøllen

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Self-service, satisfaction and loyalty with AI

AI-Powered Site Search & Insights Engine

Increase your website’s search function, and make it easy for your customers to self-serve and find what they're looking for 24/7, whilst simultaneously gaining valuable insights on your target audience.

Enhance the Digital Experience

Raffle Search helps customers find what they want quickly, making your website user-friendly. Improving customer engagement, self-service, and revenue. All with 24/7 customer support.
keyword matching + vector and semantic understanding = raffle

Search made for humans

Raffle’s hybrid search technology mimics human behaviour and understands the meaning behind the words. So no matter the spelling errors, or variations customers use - our search will know and find the answers they’re looking for.

Natural language understanding

Self-learning AI technology

Superior ranking system

Intuitive and personalized suggestions

A Powerful AI Solution Tailored to Fit You

Unlock your self-service potential

Manage high volume of customers and data efficiently. Streamline most customer inquiries, freeing up customer service agents to focus on more complex issues.
From documents and files to specific details, Raffle's user-friendly interface and robust search capabilities empower your employees to locate what they need, enabling them to work at their peak performance.

Key Features of Website Search

Fast and easy implementation
Customized to fit your needs
Instant answers with precise location
Valuable insights on customer traffic

Accurate and Relevant Answers

Utilizing AI and machine learning to enhance performance, with each user search, Raffle Search gathers data and continuously improves results, delivering relevant and accurate information consistently.

A Low Maintenance Solution

Raffle Search is a hassle-free, ready-to-use solution that starts working from day one to deliver results. With round-the-clock support from the Raffle team to ensure all your needs are met always.

Raffle Insights

Gain the ability to make better data-driven decisions to increase profitability. Leverage your existing data to gain a deeper understanding of your customers' needs, perspectives, and concerns, with Raffle.
Ultimately leading to improved customer service, increased customer loyalty, and cost savings.

Unleash the full potential of your business also for your Workplace

Empower your employees by making it easier for them to quickly find what they need, avoiding wasted time and duplicated files.
Improve efficiency, find precise information, and boost profitability in the process.

Give your employee the tools they need to succeed

Equip your team with quick, instant access to information, ensuring they have the knowledge they need to work enabling them to perform at their peak and deliver optimal outcomes.

Streamline the onboarding Process

Outdated systems cause more problems than solutions and disrupt work processes. End the needless interruptions in onboarding and improve workplace functionality.
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Reduce calls by over 36% on average.
Increase customer self-service and ticket deflection!

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