Raffle Widgets

Customize your Employee and Customer Search interface and organize your knowledge base using our search widgets. You can add as many widgets as you like, and activate up to 10 at your discretion based on your plan.


Use a launcher across any platform internally or externally, allowing employees or customers to search easily and accurately.
Available for:
Graphic of the Raffle Search Launcher template that appears on the bottom right of the screen with trending questions or banners
Illustration of Raffle search embedded template with drop down trending questions or banners


Have your search front and center, making it accessible for a speedy search saving employees' or customers' valuable time.
Available for:


Top of site, top of mind. Raffle easily fits into your existing design across any platform giving an easy-to-use search for
employees or customers.
Available for:
A graphic illustrating the inline template for Raffle Search
Raffle Overlay template activated through a button in the menu that covers entire screen


Let the search rule the screen by giving employees or customers more space to search and navigate. Put an end to any confusion.
Available for:

Dedicated Page

Pull all internal and external resources into a single page for your employees or customers to effortlessly search.
Available for:
Graphic illustrating the Raffle Search Dedicated Page template
Raffle Customer Service plugin in Intercom

Desktop App

Enable quick access to knowledge across your organization through our desktop application. This allows employees to search your databases instantly.
Available for:

Looking for API customisation?

Integrate Raffle technology on your system by using the API
Raffle API
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