Raffle Chat

Conversational AI for a more intuitive and personalized feel

A reliable and trustworthy interactive AI tool, providing accurate information from authorized sources that you choose. Raffle chat creates human-like conversations that engage customers in a way that traditional robotic chatbots simply can't match.

Zero maintenance required

A seamless chat experience  powered by AI designed to work day 1. Raffle is feeding RaffleChat with the exact answers and sections from your content. No training and no coding necessary. A hassle free user-friendly experience.

A scalable AI chat solution

Easily handle multiple levels of follow-up questions, while providing precise and relevant human-like answers. Translation to any language on the fly, in an informal or formal tone! Store and utilize past user queries, to improve future search results.

Full control

The Raffle engine effectively manage the data sources of your choice. RaffleChat processes and utilizes only the exact data input available by Raffle, which gives the highest possible answer quality, that equals reliability, safety, security and correctness.

Safe and Compliant Solution

Raffle highly prioritizes the security and privacy of data. Compliancy with GDPR, HIPAA, and our SOC2 proves our commitment to the highest security standards.

Automate customer service & streamline your workplace with AI

Transform the customer and employee self-service experience
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