Think outside the chat box: Show your customers, don't tell them

Chatbots are just bad customer service as customers are forced to go through a decision tree-based conversation- discover how Raffle is better.

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In our recent webinar, “AI Talks: Deflection vs. self-service in customer service and how AI can help,” we discussed many interesting things.

We talked about our AI products and the analytics dashboard for them. My co-founder Ole Winther discussed the power of NLP to detect natural language and serve up accurate answers and the limitations of chatbots to answer complex questions.


What gets talked about less when the limitations of chatbots are concerned is a UI sense. In the video above, I discuss this, but I have more to say on the subject! A small chat box is a limited area to display information. What’s more, customers have to go through a decision tree-based conversation, so they may have to scroll up and down a long way to find various answers. And if those poorly presented answers don’t help them resolve the issue, then that’s just bad customer service. And we know from American Express research that: “one-third of consumers say they would consider switching companies after just one instance of bad customer service.”

Don’t waste your knowledgebase

But this method is not only a sub-optimal way to show your customers information, but it’s also ignoring that you already have a knowledge base. Any FAQs or help content on your website — painstakingly crafted to help your customers understand your products or services better — are ignored in favor of newly programmed answers designed to fit into a small chatbot box. This process requires manual programming of the chatbot, meaning you’ll probably need to hire a new staff member. This is extremely inefficient when you already have this information within your company or on your website!

A report from Forrester found that 66% of adults feel that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with a good online customer experience. Our search solutions augment the customer experience using simple design features that don’t feel intrusive or irritating to the user. When it comes to customer care, it is important for organizations to always think about new innovations to present information clearly and send people to the right place.  

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