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Transform the Customer Experience in Energy

Accommodate any volume of customer traffic effortlessly and increase customer engagement by making it easy for your customers to find what they're searching for without any hassle.
Mikkel Lysgaard, Communications
"Raffle boosts our website search: 89% of customer inquiries are answered instantly. Implementation was super easy. We were up and running in a short time. Raffle works immediately."
Hanne T.
Digital Marketing Manager at E.on

Raffle for Customer Support

Kasper, Customer support professional
Effortlessly address high volumes of incoming questions around the clock to give your customers 24/7 support.
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Easily identify and address areas where information may be lacking with Raffle Insights to create content curated to your customer’s needs.
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Increase customer engagement by providing effortless navigation on your website so they can find what they're searching for without any hassle any time of day, 24/7.
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Easily manage what sources Raffle has access to when it provides answers to your customers. Ensuring that they only receive the most accurate and reliable solutions to their inquiries.
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Empower your customers to self-service with Raffle ensuring a complete understanding of their inquiries, reducing incoming calls and increasing customer satisfaction.
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Raffle for Human Resources

Iulia, Human Resources
Reduce onboarding time and boost employee performance by enabling them to quickly retrieve answers to improve workplace functionality.

Raffle for Marketing Professionals

Bogdan, Marketing Professional
Discover your customer's search preferences to create targeted content for better engagement.
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Utilize Raffle Insights to discover which information your customers are searching for on your website but can't find due to missing or inadequate content.
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Start using Raffle from day one. Our scalable AI solution is an easy-to-implement plug-and-play solution that works out of the box. No training or coding is required.
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E.on handles their customer inquiries through Raffle

"Our customer service agents wouldn't know what to do without Raffle. It has eased everything."
Frederiksberg Forsyning

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Provide accurate and consistent answers to your customers' and employees' questions.  Improve customer satisfaction and streamline your operations with zero maintenance required.


Safe generative models fine-tuned for you. Provide accurate human-like conversations powered by your content. Engage customers in a way that traditional robotic chatbots simply can't match.
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