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Provide a clear and direct easy-to-understand summary of your content using the latest AI technology to format it for your target audience.
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Support Channels & Live chat Integration

Our Support channels can be set up to accommodate phone numbers, addresses, live chat or forms, and more from the Search or Result pages.
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Instant Answers (Banners)

Easily flag crucial information and provide temporary answers during unexpected events with our Banners, until permanent solutions can be implemented.
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Top Questions

Improve your customer support by pinning the most popular topics on your search tool, enabling you to provide answers to commonly asked questions quickly.
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Customer Service Extension

Streamline customer service by automatically providing your agents with answers to customer questions, directly from their ticket or email system.
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Raffle In-App

Add Raffle to you app to gain the ability to open local files on any local server drive or your desktop from your search results.
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Search in Video & Speech

Extract information from video and audio by generating transcripts and searching for specific sequences of text within them.
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Rules Engine

Acquire the capability to establish evaluation standards, set ranking criteria and boost/elevate chosen content.
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