Increase customer satisfaction

Leverage your existing data to gain a deeper understanding of your customers' needs, perspectives, and concerns, ultimately leading to improved customer service, increased customer loyalty, and cost savings.
Mikkel Lysgaard, Communications
"Raffle Site Search provides instant answers 24/7 to all sorts of customer questions with sky-high support availability & service level."
Frida L.,
Ops & Comms Manager at Telmore

Common challenges in Telco

Poor coverage or quality
High prices
Complex billing
Poor customer service
Customers may experience dropped calls, slow internet speeds, or difficulty connecting to the network. They may feel that they are paying too much for their telecom services, or they may find difficult to understand their telecom bills, especially if they have multiple services or are being charged for additional fees.
Customers may have difficulty getting in touch with customer service representatives or may feel that they are not receiving adequate support or assistance. We can solve that.

How Raffle solves your challenges

Improve visibility

Give more transparency to your customers by utilizing our Website Search to give them easier accessibility to their account information, bills, and answers to their frequently asked questions on your website.

Enhance the customer journey

Discover the most talked about topics among your customers and gain more insight into their needs to improve your service with our Popular pages, Trending Data and Trending questions tools that give you better understanding of what's on their minds.

Find out what your missing

Simplify the process of identifying and addressing areas where information may be lacking with our Knowledge Gap tool and then seamlessly generate targeted solutions in real time with our Banners tool. This benefits your employees by giving them quick and easy access to the knowledge they require, keeping them well-informed and equipped for your customers.

Service that’s always available

Empower your customers to easily help themselves with our human-like Chatbots that provide natural communication and ensure complete understanding of their inquiries using Natural Language technology, resulting in increased convenience, accessibility and customer satisfaction.

Provide 24/7 Availability

Balancing work schedules in customer service for off-hour support can be a real mess, right? From numbers to matching volatile demand. Why not introduce sophisticated self service using Raffle.
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