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Replace the search in your helpcenter with real AI and let your customers self-serve 24/7.

Boost Zendesk, Intercom and other ticket systems with AI

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Seamless Help Center Integration

In just a few clicks, integrate Raffle into your existing help center, regardless of how the content is stored and what format it is in. Without the need for training or maintenance, Raffle can seamlessly become a vital extension of your help center.

Consistent Call Reduction

Raffle reduces customer support calls by a remarkable 36%. Ensure your customers always receive accurate and instant answers, resulting in fewer incoming calls. Not only will the overall volume decrease, but the calls you do receive will be more concise and purposeful.

Keep track of customer questions

Unlock the power of customer insights with Raffle's intuitive dashboard. Gain a comprehensive understanding of what your customers are searching for, identify gaps in your website content, and discover your most popular pages. Track peak hours of customer engagement, enabling you to optimize your website and support resources.

Retain Visitors, Reduce Bounce Rates

Keep your customers on your site and away from the competition with Raffle. By offering a user-friendly search or chat, guide visitors to the information they seek effortlessly. Raffle ensures that your website provides a superior user experience that keeps visitors engaged and converts potential exits into loyal customers.

Works with Help Centers

Whether you are using Zendesk, Intercom, Drupal or another help center software, you can easily install Raffle on it with one of our widgets. From there, Raffle continuously relearns based on your content, which means no need for mainteinance.
You can also connect more than one source to Raffle, so that your customers can always find the right answer in one place, no matter where the information is stored.
Raffle AI on Zendesk Help Center
Raffle AI Live Chat integration with Zendesk, Intercom, Drupal and more

Integrates with Live chat integrations

Connect Raffle to your live chat solution so that your customers have a swift transition when they need to talk to a live representative.
Raffle supports most live chat software providers.

Use our widget anywhere

Integrate the Raffle widget on your website or help center in 20 minutes. Providing you with many opportunities for customization, including changing the color, adding your company logo, and adjusting the welcome message.
Let your customers easily find what they are searching for.
keyword matching + vector and semantic understanding = raffle
keyword matching + vector and semantic understanding = raffle

Give human-like answers

Add Raffle Summary on top of your search, providing your customers with human-like answers to their questions.
Raffle Summary creates concise answers based on the most relevant search results, which ensures unmatched accuracy. Every answer links to the search results, which gives your customers the option to go to the source.

Quick to install

All you need to do in order to install Raffle is pick the sources you would like it to have access to, choose the widget you would like to use, and install the widget on your website and help center. It’s that easy!
copy this easy script to quickly install Raffle

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