AI-Powered Search and Chat for Software Companies

Boost Engagement Increase Self-Service and Customer Retention

Effortlessly manage and scale your software’s vast data repository with our AI-powered search solution. Empower your customers by making sure they always have access to the answers they need 24/7.

Raffle for Customer Support

Carsten, Customer support professional
Reduce onboarding time with new customers to help them start using your services and products faster.
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Provide employees with instant answers to your customers' questions, saving time and increasing customer satisfaction.
Reduce calls and increase self-service on your website by making content and information about your services or products easily discoverable.
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Utilize Raffle Insights to boost customer engagement, anticipate their needs, and address all their questions by identifying and filling in missing information or content on your website.
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Raffle for Human Resources

Lisa, Human Resources
Save time and resources by ensuring easy accessibility to company information, resulting in increased employee productivity.
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Discover employees' needs with raffle Insights to create valuable content that enhances your workplace and increases productivity.
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Raffle for Marketing Professionals

Michael, Marketing Professional
Uncover areas where interest is increasing amongst your customers, allowing you to create relevant content that resonates with your target audience.
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Increase customer engagement by providing effortless navigation on your website that makes it simple for them to find what they're searching for without hassle.
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Utilize Raffle Insights to find out where content is missing or not enough to ensure your customers have all the answers they need and are looking for on your website.
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Provide accurate and consistent answers to your customers' and employees' questions.  Improve customer satisfaction and streamline your operations with zero maintenance required.


Safe generative models fine-tuned for you. Provide accurate human-like conversations powered by your content. Engage customers in a way that traditional robotic chatbots simply can't match.
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