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"Raffle has given the citizens in our municipality a much easier and direct way to search for all the information they need to stay on top of."

Kristian E. Beyer, Head of Communications and Business Support.

Digital self-service for your citizens

Raffle lets citizens get instant answers to queries in any language across resources of your choice. No citizen likes to call contact centers (and be put on a queue). With Raffle’s AI search and chat, citizens can search governmental knowledge bases as though they were asking a friend for help; and get answers they seek no matter how they phrase their questions.

High Accuracy

Your citizens should not have to struggle to find relevant facts. Raffle AI’s search technology always delivers the right results — regardless of linguistic imperfections (e.g. spelling errors) and variations (e.g. different phrasing). Raffle Search and Raffle Chat are accessible to everyone, even your citizens from abroad, so everyone can get accurate answers.

Controllable Data Scope

Raffle AI is compatible with any data source you have, so you can select which sources you want Raffle to access and automatically scrape (on a regular basis) for its intelligent answer generation. This also grants you an easier time complying with leading data security standards such as SOC 2 Type II, EU GDPR, and HIPAA.

Personalized support for you

At Raffle we readily offer personalized service to automate and support your drive towards better citizen self-service. From learning about standard Raffle plug-ins and Raffle’s API to knowing which Raffle add-ons to get for accelerating your self-service automation drive, our client support team will help you utilize Raffle AI to the fullest.


Use Raffle Search to let your citizens instantly find the answers they are looking for. Raffle Search understands the context of all questions, even with different phrasing or potential spelling errors.
Your citizens will always be the directed to the right section of the text, so they can find the answers they are looking for instantly.


Do you want to give your citizens a more human and interactive experience? Use Raffle Chat.
Based on our search technology, Raffle Chat gives answers based on the top results, linking to the source. The answers are limited to only your sources, letting you remain in full control of the output.
keyword matching + vector and semantic understanding = raffle

Multi language

Raffle understands questions in all languages.
Raffle Search understands the question and provides your citizens with the right sources, while Raffle Chat writes the answer in the language the question was asked.
This way, all your citizens, no matter their background, can get the information they need.


Being able to understand all questions, even despite different phrasing or potential spelling errors, Raffle is accessible to all citizens.
Having the option to change colors and the layout of the widget, you can be sure that Raffle caters to everyone, no matter their age or nationality.
keyword matching + vector and semantic understanding = raffle
keyword matching + vector and semantic understanding = raffle

Integrate information from different sources.

Raffle can integrate with sources from different government entities. This way, citizens can get answers from one single search bar, no matter where the information is stored.
For example, if a citizen is looking for information on their municipality website, and that information is only present on the province website, they will still be able to find it and get redirected to the correct link.

Quick to install

All you need to do in order to install Raffle is pick the sources you would like it to have access to, choose the widget you would like to use, and install the widget on your website and help center. It’s that easy!

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