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Get up to speed with AI using Raffle, giving your customers accurate and concise answers to all their questions.
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Arbejdernes Landsbank Transforms Customer Experience with Raffle

“With Raffle, we get insight into what our customers care about and need. Raffle has made it easy for us to guide our customers to the right banking solution that best fits them.”

High accuracy

Your customers should not have to struggle to find relevant facts. Raffle AI’s search technology always delivers the right results — despite potential spelling errors or unclear questions.

Customer data - always secure

Raffle complies with the highest security standards, including SOC 2 Type II, EU GDPR, and HIPAA.This means your information is always safe with us, including situations where customers submit sensitive data.

Superior digital experience

Make sure your customers get the answers they need instantly, without the need to call customer support or turn to your competitors. Turn your website into a 24/7 digital customer support center.

Low maintenance

Raffle is a plugin which you can connect to sources of your choice. Implementation takes very little time, and once it’s set up, Raffle automatically relearns based on your content.


Use Raffle Search to let your customers instantly find the answers they are looking for. Raffle Search understands the context of all questions, even with different phrasing or potential spelling errors.
Your customers will always be the directed to the right section of the text, so they can find the answers they are looking for instantly.


Do you want to give your customers a more human and interactive experience? Use Raffle Chat.
Based on our search technology, Raffle Chat gives answers based on the top results, linking to the source. The answers are limited to only your sources, letting you remain in full control of the output.

Insights Dashboard

Get real-time information on what your customers are searching for and what information your website is missing. Get an understanding of what your customers need.

Top questions

Have the most popular questions visible on your Raffle widget, so that you can address the most pressing topics depending on the time of the year.

Quick to install

All you need to do in order to install Raffle is pick the sources you would like it to have access to, choose the widget you would like to use, and install the widget on your website and help center. It’s that easy!

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