Having insurance shouldn't feel like work

Insurance is complicated enough, make it easier for your customers to understand and gain their loyalty through their appreciation.
Mikkel Lysgaard, Communications
"Raffle is a trusted partner focused on our success & open to new ideas. They understand our goals and help improve our business & CX."
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Common challenges in Insurance

High Premiums
Limited Coverage
Lack of Transparency
Customers may feel that the premiums they are required to pay are too high, that their insurance policy does not cover enough.
Insurance policies can be complex and difficult to understand, which can be frustrating for customers who are trying to make informed decisions about their coverage.
Customers may feel that they are not being provided with sufficient information about their policy or the claims process, which can lead to confusion and frustration.

How Raffle solves your challenges

Improve transparency

Trying to figure out what’s covered and what’s not in your policy especially after an accident can be stressful, and overwhelming. Keep tensions low and your customers happy by providing quick easy access to their policy information, claims, and coverage questions.

Know what your customers are looking for

Stay ahead of customer needs and improve customer service by using our Trending Questions and Knowledge Gap tools to identify where information is missing. Then use targeted short-form banners to fill knowledge gaps and ensure that every customer's question is answered.

Filing a claim shouldn’t be hard

Streamline the claims process by improving the overall experience for your customers. By using Raffle you can make filing and tracking a much simpler task by reducing the frustration that often comes with navigating a complex process.

24/7 assistance

Ensure your customers have access to answers 24/7 with our Chatbot and Website Search. This way, even during off hours, they can quickly find the information they need, reducing the need to call customer service and ultimately saving you money while keeping your customers satisfied.

Make your customers feel important

Our Behavior Analytics tool can provide valuable insight into your customers' needs, preferences, and behavior patterns. This information can be used to improve customer service and personalize products and services for individual customers. Additionally, you can use the tool to track the amount of time spent serving customers, helping you understand how you can better utilize your resources.

Provide 24/7 Availability

Balancing work schedules in customer service for off-hour support can be a real mess, right? From numbers to matching volatile demand. Why not introduce sophisticated self service using Raffle.
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