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Find what you need, when you need it

Use Raffle's Workplace Search to save time and increase profitably, by helping your employees find what they’re looking for when they need it, instead of wasting company time browsing endlessly in vain.

Make content more accessible

Workplace Search makes your content easier to find and improves efficiency by enabling employees to find the files they need without wasting time searching for them or creating duplicates. This ultimately saves the company time and increases profitability.

Stay on top of things

Our Trending Questions feature allows you to view the most popular topics among your employees within a customizable time frame. It also enables you to narrow down your search to specific queries. Additionally, if you find any errors in the answers provided, you can notify Raffle for future model training adjustments.

Find your blindspots

With our Knowledge Gap tool, identifying and filling in areas where your team lacks information is made easy  with our short-form Banners that create targeted and effective solutions to fill knowledge gaps in real time. This helps your employees by providing quick and easy access to information, ensuring that your team is always equipped with the knowledge they need.

Fill the void

Our Behavior Analytics tool can give you a deeper insight into your employees' actions and thoughts. By reviewing an all-time summary of their behavior, you can make informed, data-driven decisions. Additionally, Raffle Insights provides a summary of the time and cost savings achieved through the use of Raffle.

GPT Summary

Our GPT Summary tool utilizes advanced AI technology to help you create concise and easy-to-understand summaries of your content. By taking the top search results from your data, it condenses the information into one clear answer.
Improving engagement with your target audience.
Hear it from your peers

E.on use Raffle to handle customer questions

“Our customer service agents wouldn’t know what to do without Raffle. It has eased everything.”

Make your content work for you

Rather than causing frustration and stress for employees by allowing your content to get lost in your workplace, let Raffle help make things easier.
Make your content more accessible and data-driven by adding functionality and increasing profitability with our Workplace Search and give your employees the tools they need to work even better for your company.

Stop making work harder

Outdated systems cause more problems than solutions and disrupt work processes.
End the needless interruptions in onboarding onboarding and improve workplace functionality.
Simple solutions

Stop searching, start finding

For companies looking to maximize the value of their knowledge, Raffle makes search simple to implement and utilize intelligent insights. Our team has developed a search engine that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to improve its performance over time. As users search the engine, it gathers data and uses it to continually improve its results and provide the most relevant and accurate information to users.
Mikkel Lysgaard, Communication
"We're thrilled with our Raffle collaboration. Working with their solution is easy, and our search engine performance has greatly improved."
Mikkel L.,
Communications at Dansk Fjernvarme

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Raffle Search vs. Traditional Search

Differences in Search Tech

See the differences between keyword-based search, string search, mixed keyword search, and user errors in search and how AI compares to all of these.
See the differences between keyword-based search, string search, mixed keyword search, and user errors in search and how AI compares to all of these.
Learn more about what makes our chatbot different from the others, why it works the way it does and how our AI search technology makes it better.
Raffle Search
vs. Traditional Search
Differences in Search Tech
- Why you need to think twice

Read our Insights Papers

Raffle Search
vs. Traditional Search
Explore the differences between keyword-based search, string search, mixed keyword search, and user errors in search and how Raffle AI compares to all of these.
Differences in Search Tech
- Why you need to think twice
Understand the differences between Chatbots, Traditional Search, and the AI-powered Raffle Search.

Trusted by industry leaders

Get a free search benchmark on your data.
Lars W.
Insurance Advisor

Raffle is a great tool for 24/7 member communication. Cooperation is always a pleasure, delivering solutions that keep our service top-notch.

Frida L.
Operations & Communications Coordinator

Raffle Site Search provides instant answers 24/7 to all sorts of customer questions with sky-high support availability & service level.

Jesper M.
Knowledge Manager

Insights show visitors' needs; we can configure Search tools to meet their expectations. Raffle is a trusted partner focused on our success & open to new ideas. They understand our goals and help improve our business & customer experience.

Morten R. O.

Finding the necessary information quickly without having to seek assistance from others or recreate previously unsearchable documents will save us a lot of time. Raffle Search instantly gives right results on >500K docs, 6 languages.

Kristian E. B.
Head of Communications & Business Support
Frederiksberg Forsyning

Great onboarding experience, delivering on the promise with clear expectations and understanding of our technical set-up. They actively listen and respond to our needs. Raffle's Search empowers citizens in our municipality with a direct path to easily find all necessary information to stay informed.

Hanne T.
Digital Marketing Manager

Raffle boosts our website search: 89% of customer inquiries are answered instantly. Implementation was super easy. We were up and running in a short time. Raffle just works immediately.

Jes A.
Marketing & Ecommerce Manager

Raffle's "Banners" helps handle high volumes of questions by providing instant answers on the website, effectively controlling the flow of inquiries. Like turning off the tap! Our support team can feel a significant decrease in incoming calls. Customers now resolve most of their queries with Raffle on our website.

Kasper A.
Head of Department

Implementation was quick, even with a complex intranet login. Raffle is really good at adapting to different environments. Raffle Search is rapidly advancing and its configurations are typically straightforward to implement.

Benjamin D.
Digital Manager

Raffle kept their promise of delivering instant, accurate answers to our members 24/7, and more so. Before Raffle, we lost customers having a time-consuming and poor chatbot & search set-up. Raffle solved that instantly. Insights reveal online visitor needs and expectations. We effortlessly configure search tools for seamless self-service experiences.