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AI-Powered Workplace Search & Insights Engine

Maximize employee productivity with AI-powered search and knowledge discovery in your workplace.
Mikkel Lysgaard, Communications
"89% of customer inquiries are answered instantly. Implementation was super easy and Raffle works immediately."
Hanne T.,
Digital Marketing Manager at E.on

A simple plan
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Transform the way you work with Raffle

Give your employees a human-like AI assistant
Save time and increase profit with Raffle Search in your workplace. Empower your employees by making it easier for them to quickly find what they need, avoiding wasted time and duplicated files.
Improve efficiency, find precise information, and boost profitability in the process.

The Ultimate Solution for Managing Large Amounts of Information

Manage your intranet data with ease

Raffle Search makes finding and organizing your intranet data simple. Our intelligent search algorithm quickly sifts through vast amounts of information, delivering accurate results in an instant.
From documents and files to specific details, Raffle's user-friendly interface and robust search capabilities empower your employees to locate what they need, enabling them to work at their peak performance.

Key Features of Workplace Search

Fast and easy implementation
Instant answers with precise location
Expedite onboarding of new employees
Decrease customer inquiries by over 30%

Give your employee the tools they need to succeed

Equip your team with quick, instant access to information, ensuring they have the knowledge they need to work enabling them to perform at their peak and deliver optimal outcomes.

Streamline the onboarding process

Outdated systems cause more problems than solutions and disrupt work processes. End the needless interruptions in onboarding and improve workplace functionality.

Raffle Insights

Gain access to workplace insights and boost productivity effortlessly. Analyze customer interactions, reduce onboarding time, and optimize support efficiency. Identify improvement opportunities effortlessly.

Connect your source to get started

Connect your tools and sources.
Integration with Raffle
Integration with Raffle
Integration with Raffle
Integration with Raffle
Integration with Raffle
Integration with Raffle
Integration with Raffle
Integration with Raffle
Integration with Raffle
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