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IF Metall is a large Union with over 100 years of history, focusing on equal value for all. Their 300,000 members collaborate to build equality, solidarity, and freedom within the workplace. The trade union works hard to protect the rights of their members and ensure the best working conditions. 
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IF Metall improved website search with Raffle, resolving 80% more member questions from day 1, saving thousands of Euros monthly.
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IF Metall's traditional search on their website didn’t work. It came up with false suggested answers that left members and visitors with unsolved questions and nowhere to turn to outside opening hours. During opening hours, it overflowed member service and legal assistance with questions that could have been answered on the website. They implemented Raffle Site Search and Raffle Advanced Insights with immediate effect. Raffle Site Search connects free text search questions with the correct information, and Raffle Insights offers profound insights on member needs and expectations.

IF Metall experienced an increased resolution on member questions by a stunning 80% from day 1. They utilize the Raffle Platform to gain insights on the increased question resolution and the savings from not having the questions to members and legal support. These savings represent thousands of Euros monthly, with numerous visitors using Raffle confirming that members longed for a better search experience.

A Search that is blurry

For IF Metall, it is vital for them to have a search that works, meaning they can provide equal access to information for visitors and members to maintain and build their union. IF Metall strives to protect all members, ensuring a safe working experience, fair practices, and equal opportunities; thus, members need to be able to search on their site for documents when they have inquiries. Their old search was operating on outdated algorithms and technology that did not do a full sweep across all their resources, databases, platforms, and applications causing information to be lost due to keywords missing file size or type. Additionally, these keywords do not contextually understand the questions nor allow for misspellings or grammatical errors in searches resulting in inaccurate results. In short, IF Metalls search was the traditional search before, and for most of the conventional searches, they are broken. 

Making your Search transparent

Raffle Site Search uses advanced AI technology and algorithms that can search across millions of documents regardless of their location or file type. Raffles search is not reliant on keywords, but due to our AI core being built with natural language processing (NLP), you can search in your own words with spelling and grammatical errors, and our search will contextually understand the inquiry, producing accurate results. This allowed members and visitors to IF Metall access to a reliable search that provided solutions quickly and accurately without the hassle of re-typing searches until you found the right mix of words to yield valuable answers.

IF Metall uses the Raffle Launcher on their homepage to instantly guide customers to the right answer.

Raffle redefines Search

Everyday users interact with Raffle Site Search with hundreds of questions being answered instantly and accurately, saving IF Metall 1000s each month, equivalent to 1-2 full-time employees’ salaries. Additionally, the search generates 3,000 searches monthly, providing members with validated and accurate solutions. Raffle diminishes the need to hire more and more employees to have a successful member service experience. Raffle can successfully help an employee work smarter and provide insights into users. Raffle Advanced Insight provides this insight on the workflows of employees and the member experience, allowing insight to help grow digital content, sales, and retention. In fact, IF Metall sees a resolution of 80% using Raffle. IF Metall search is now fast, accurate, and validated, providing insight on their members and what their members need to be satisfied. 

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