Raffle Chat for your workplace

Optimize Employee Access to Knowledge and Increase Profitability

Intelligent and Secure AI Conversations

Increase revenue and productivity by accelerating resolution times and onboarding of new employees with a conversational AI assistant for your employees.

Empower your workforce to reach their highest performance levels with AI

Embrace the power of AI technology to maximize your organization's productivity, minimize disruptions, and create a thriving work environment.
Elevate your chances of success in the modern business landscape with our comprehensive AI solution.

Unleash the full potential of your business

Enhance your business’ operational efficiency

Raffle Chat can handle multiple inquiries simultaneously, making it the ideal scalable solution for organizations with a high volume of data or employee queries.
Allowing employees to get prompt responses to their queries without having to overwhelm human support teams. Saving time that could be spent elsewhere on more important tasks.

Key Features of Workplace Chat

No maintenance required
Only uses approved data sources
Instant answers with precise location
Supports multiple languages worldwide

Empower your workforce

Automate repetitive processes and relieves them from mundane and time-consuming searches for answers, so they can instead redirect their energy towards high-priority tasks to promote success.

Streamline the onboarding Process

Enhance employee training and onboarding processes by providing them an AI assistant for guidance, resources, and answering frequently asked questions. This accelerates the learning curve for new employees and ensures consistency across the company.

Raffle Insights

Improve customer service by gaining customer insights, filling knowledge gaps, and staying on top of trends. Get data on resolution rates and time spent serving customers to identify areas for improvement.

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