Raffle Chat for your website

Reduce calls, eliminate frustrations and increase customer self-service

Intelligent and Secure AI Conversations

Minimize phone and email support by enhancing self-service options to improve customer satisfaction. Enhance your Customers digital experience with Raffle Chat.

AI Chat Support Available 24/7

Raffle Chat requires zero maintenance, making it a hassle-free solution for businesses and individuals. It communicates with users in a human-like manner using Natural Language Understanding (NLU), asking the right questions to understand their needs and providing accurate responses.

Scalable AI Solution for Customer Service

Self-learning Assistant

Raffle Chat constantly improves over time through data accumulation, feedback, and testing.  It remembers past conversations, learns from users, and continually improves its responses.
Making sure customers can find information easily without agents, and low-value tickets are redirected to self-serve options. Saving your agents' time for complex queries.
Dealing with a substantial amount of customer requests?

Key Features of Website Chat

No maintenance required
Only uses approved data sources
Instant answers with precise location
Supports multiple languages worldwide

Conversational AI: Instant, Relevant, Actionable Results

Raffle Chat provides personalized, quick, and natural responses to customer inquiries,
without the need for mainteinance and data mapping.

Zero Mainteinance Required

Unlike traditional chatbots that require extensive training and ongoing maintenance, RaffleChat starts working right away with no coding or upkeep required.

Reliable and instant answers

With Raffle’s accurate intent detection and sky-high precision, customers get quick and relevant responses that improve their experience.

Secure and compliant

You control Raffle's data access and can exclude sources anytime. Answers rely on your data only, ensuring no false information for customers.
Our Security Policies

Raffle Insights

Improve customer service by gaining customer insights, filling knowledge gaps, and staying on top of trends. Get data on resolution rates and time spent serving customers to identify areas for improvement.

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