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Customize your Employee and Customer Search interface and organize your knowledge base using our search widgets, APIs, and applications.


Top of site, top of mind. Raffle easily fits into your existing design across any platform giving an easy-to-use search for
employees or customers.
A graphic illustrating the inline template for Raffle Search
Illustration of Raffle search embedded template with drop down trending questions or banners


Have your search front and center, making it accessible for a speedy search saving employees' or customers' valuable time.


Use a launcher across any platform internally or externally, allowing employees or customers to search easily and accurately.
Graphic of the Raffle Search Launcher template that appears on the bottom right of the screen with trending questions or banners
A graphic illustrating the Raffle Search in app solution


Allow employees or customers to be flexible and have a reliable search on your mobile app 24/7, wherever, whenever.


Let the search rule the screen by giving employees or customers more space to search and navigate. Put an end to any confusion.
Raffle Overlay template activated through a button in the menu that covers entire screen
Graphic illustrating the Raffle Search Dedicated Page template

Dedicated Page

Pull all internal and external resources into a single page for your employees or customers to effortlessly search.

Customer Service

Decrease the strain on employees or customers through analytics, thus freeing time for higher-value tasks.
Raffle Customer Service plugin in Intercom
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Customize your employee or customer experience by building the design, while Raffle hides the complexity behind the scenes.

Desktop App

Enable quick access to knowledge across your organization through our desktop application. This allows employees to search your databases instantly.
Raffle Customer Service plugin in Intercom

Loved by industry leaders

Hanne Thorsgaard

The implementation was super easy and we were up and running in a very short time. Raffle just works immediately and answers 89% of our customer inquiries instantly."

Digital Marketing Manager
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Frida Lodberg

Whenever we need help from Raffle they are always there. The availability and service level at Raffle is sky-high.

Operations & Communications Coordinator
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Kasper Antonsen

The implementation of Workplace Search was really quick, even though we have a complex login routine on our intranet. Raffle is really good at adapting to different environments.

Head of Department
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Jes Appel

When something makes the inflow of questions peak we utilize Raffle Campaign, so our customers can get instant answers on the website. It's like turning of the water!

Marketing & Ecommerce Manager
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Benjamin Damsgaard

Raffle Site Search kept their promise of delivering instant accurate answers to our members 24/7, and more so.

Digital Manager
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Kristian E. Beyer

Raffle has given the citizens in our municipality a much easier and direct way to search for all the information they need to stay on top.

Head of Communications and Business Support
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Morten Rask Olsen

With Raffle Workplace Search we instantly get the right search results on over half a million documents and in six different languages.

Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Lars Widing

Raffle is a fantastic tool for maintaining dialogue with our members outside of our normal opening hours. The cooperation with Raffle is always a pleasure, where we are with solutions that help maintaining good service to the members.

Insurance Advisor
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial
Jesper Mieritz

Our Customer Agents saves a great deal of time getting the answers from Raffle instantly. It connects the company knowledge closer to our employees in the customer's context.

Knowledge Manager
Codan logo for Raffle testimonial

How Raffle works

Raffle outperforms traditional search by 2.5x out of the box. Unlike a traditional and broken search that counts words and works like a dictionary, Raffle reads the whole text like a human being. A dictionary gives you nothing but words and synonyms, whereas the whole text gives you context and intention. That is why Raffle will guide you to the correct destination, no matter what words you use to ask for the same thing.
Multiple integrations in background with Raffle Search

Manage your data

Use any of our connectors to integrate seamlessly.

Sync with your current systems

Connect your information with minimal involvement on your side.
Raffle Insights platform displaying money and time saved by Customer Success Team

No-code implementation

Up and running in a matter of days with blitzscaling performance on your search.
Raffle Insight display screen with multiple stats displayed for easy understanding