Visma revolutionizes business processes with Raffle

Visma e-conomic was losing time on a daily operational basis, leading to increased waiting time for customers. They selected Raffle Workplace Search and quickly adopted it within their customer service processes.
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Visma e-conomic looked into solutions to help them speed up the knowledge-sharing process. “Good customer care is more than a quick answer, but it’s a big part of it.”
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Case study Visma need for speed

Visma e-conomic looked into solutions to help them speed up the knowledge-sharing process. Jesper Mieritz, Knowledge Manager at Visma, notes, “Good customer care is more than a quick answer, but it’s a big part of it.”

In the spring of 2019, they chose Raffle and quickly adopted it within their customer service processes: “Implementing Raffle was seamless because Raffle took care of almost everything. We could leave all the AI work to the experts and use our resources on our customers,” Jesper says.

Raffle works alongside Visma e-conomic’s customer service employees, suggesting answers to questions as they come into the ticketing system.

The results were impressive. After starting to use Raffle, Visma e-conomic reduced search time per question answered dramatically.

“We were losing a lot of time sharing knowledge between our employees, in training and on a daily operational basis,” explains Jesper Mieritz. This led to an increased waiting time for our customers.“

The quest for automation and personalization

But it’s not just time that counts. One of the challenges when automating elements of the customer experience is maintaining the human touch in your customer interactions while delivering solutions quickly. A 2019 report found that, while customers ranked speed (85%) and seamlessness (84%) as the most important qualities in delivering a high-quality customer experience, personalization (80%) is also extremely important. Raffle allows companies to deliver all of these qualities because it uses intelligent AI to instantly suggest responses to a human agent, allowing them to adapt their tone and response while providing the correct answer in a seamless and personalized way.

"The good thing about using Raffle is that we still have control of the answers and maintain human relations, which we value a lot. We want to deliver a quick and personal experience to our customers, and we believe we have found a good way of doing that with Raffle."

Deep learning on the job

Meanwhile, they also benefited from Raffle in another area: staff training. Customer service agents can start working immediately and learn on the go, as the tool suggests immediate, suitable answers in real-time.

It’s not just the customer agents who are learning, however. Unlike products that claim to be AI but are just automated, Raffle’s AI engine is also constantly working to gather knowledge and improve its performance:

“With Raffle, we have an AI engine that continuously learns from chats and what our employees are doing, so we can use the existing knowledge in a more scalable way,” notes Mieritzen.

With a rapidly improving knowledge base and a faster yet personalized customer service experience, Visma e-conomic has found a solution to keeping its customers happy.

“We spend a lot of time ensuring that our employees have the right skills, and part of this is ensuring they have easy and efficient access to knowledge. With Raffle, we now have a tool that presents knowledge to our employees in a smart, efficient way and in the right context.”

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