Codan uses Raffle Site Search to create a turnkey solution for their Customer Service

Learn how Codan, one of the largest insurance companies within Denmark that services over 245,000 Danish households, live chats were reduced by 42% within five weeks by implementing Raffle.
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Codan optimized customer service with Raffle Site and Workplace Search, reducing inquiries by 42%, saving costs, and improving onboarding by 50%.
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Why Codan needed Raffle

On a daily basis, over 120 customer service employees in the Codan headquarters received countless service calls with relatively complex insurance questions. As insurance questions are something customers often need to have clarified immediately, Codan's customers naturally demand 24/7 service that is fast, timely, and accurate. As a result, Codan had to hire more employees to answer service calls, live chats, and emails. Besides new hires being costly, it is also time-consuming to onboard until employees are fully functional. Basically, Codan needed to find a better solution.

By implementing Raffle Site Search and Workplace Search for Customer Service, Codan was able to effectively create 24/7 service on their website and stop excessive hires. By enabling customers to easily search for solutions themselves and provide them with the correct answers through Raffle Site Search in free text, Codan understood their customers' demands. Additionally, Customer Service Agents utilized Raffle Workplace Search, which gave them answers to all questions, met customer expectations, and improved their employees' work lives dramatically.

Codan reduced live chats going through to their Customer Service Agents by a stunning 42% within five weeks. Across Live chats, Calls, and emails, they had a reduction of an impressive 34%. Together with the implementation of Raffle Workplace Search and Site Search, Customer Service Agents could quickly get answers to customers, the Search time decreased by 96%, customers got 24/7 service, and the onboarding time for new hires decreased by 50%! Codan saves tens of thousands of dollars every month utilizing Raffle on both Site Search and Workplace Search.

Phones Ringing off the Hook

With increasing calls coming into the Call Center, there was a lot of pressure to meet the demand to answer customer inquiries. Initially, Codan solved their customer service demand by hiring new employees. This required time for onboarding and was costly, yet for a moment solved their problem. Codans’ success is leading the company to scale its operations and, in doing so, hiring new employees to meet customer demands. Yet, they continued to witness a rise in incoming customer service calls that more employees could not solve as the long-term cost of time and money was starting to take its toll and customers' demand for 24/7 assistance. On top of that, customers wanted fast and accurate responses. Codan decided to continue their scale with a more digital approach and thus decided to use Raffle. 

“Digitalization brought our customers closer to Codan and created a unique experience and solution to Customer Service.”

Scaling Customer Service Digitally 

Codan realized the need for scaling their customer service digitally to curb the increasing calls and halt costly new hires by using Raffle. They were able to redirect customers from the Call Center to their website by utilizing the Raffle Site Search. Customers can now easily find answers to their questions on the website 24/7. Raffle Site Search automatically populates customers' trending questions or allows them to type, in their own words, questions into the search bar. Then inquiries are instantly answered, and customers are directed to the righ page on the website, as well as the correct part of the page. With Raffle, Codan was able to offer a viable solution to its customer service problem with a straightforward implementation that continues to help the company grow and scale.

Improved Service and Opportunities for Growth with Raffle

After implementing Raffle into their web page, replacing the old traditional search engine, Codan discovered a reduction in their live chats by 42%, and incoming calls lowered by 17% due to more customers finding solutions via the web page. The Raffle Site Search quickly and accurately answered customers' queries allowing for 24/7 and personalized service to customers, increasing the customer experience and overall satisfaction. The reduction in customer service calls allowed employees more time to service customers over the phone and see where they could improve and grow their service abilities. Raffle Advanced Insights displays Content Gaps or customer questions that are yet to have answers, providing employees with knowledge on content that needs to be created. Additionally, the Raffle extension improved the company's internal search engine by lowering onboarding times as new employees had the company's knowledge and resources at their fingertips. Raffle provided Codan with a revolutionary Customer Service solution that not only solved their problem but also added value to the company's scaling and growth opportunities.

Codan uses the Raffle Launcher with Top Questions to guide all their customers to the right answer on the main page.
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