Make banking easier for customers

Enhance your customers' experience on your website and empower them to achieve their financial goals effortlessly. With Raffle, you can streamline navigation, search, and access to resources, simplifying the process for your customers. Improve their financial journey and increase customer satisfaction.

How Raffle solves your challenges

Keep it simple

Improve your customers understanding and comprehension of their pension plan by providing clear information when they need it. Additionally, prevent confusion by ensuring that when customers ask questions, they always receive accurate and consistent answers.

Make it about them

Allow customers to find more personalized and tailored advice on investment options, thus helping them to make better informed decisions about their pensions.

See what’s on their mind

Discover the most popular topics and what's important to your customers by using our Trending Questions and Trending Data tools. Get a better view of the most sought-after subjects from your customers' perspective.

Give them the right answers the first time

Our Raffle Customer Service extension tool can improve your customer service by providing instant answers to your customers' questions. Your agents will spend less time searching for answers making sure your customers receive quick responses. It also integrates seamlessly with your existing workplace computer system.
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Broaden your perspective

Our Behavior Analytics, Knowledge Gap and Banners tools provide you with valuable insights that help you improve customer service and services by showing your blind-spots. This makes it easier for you to create content that answers your customers questions and concerns.

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