Virtual assistant for customer service

Dealing with excessive live chats, phone calls and e-mails? Customer service agents can instantly answer customer queries within their ticket, email or call center systems with Raffle.

What does our Customer Service Extension do?

The Customer service extension is a browser extension that works 24/7 to predict and answer questions using information from your company sources. With our extension, you can connect a variety of sources, including your website content and internal company documents, to enhance the experience. 

Give them the answers

Automate your customer service experience with our support channel extension. Ensure that your customers receive fast and accurate responses to their queries, providing quick and relevant responses to customer queries, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Streamline customer support

Make the process of responding to customer questions more efficient and streamline your customer support system, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty from customers.

Empower customer service

Our system seamlessly integrates with your ticket or email system, providing your agents with instant access to information they need to better serve customers.

Get Started

Simply install our browser extension and pin it for easy access. Then, log in using your raffle account information to unlock the full power of our customer service tools, and that’s it! 

Now, you can use the customer service extension to streamline your inquiries and deliver exceptional support to your valued customers.

How it works

The customer service extension works seamlessly with multiple customer service platforms, providing extensive assistance.  Let’s take a look at Zendesk as an example:

Automated Ticket Analysis

When you open a new ticket in Zendesk, the Extension automatically loads and analyzes the ticket content to generate a list of potential responses for you. 

You can also access the source information to read more in-depth about the issue.

Information Retrieval 

To access the complete list of information provided, simply expand the view. If you need to reference a specific section, hover over it and click to copy the content into your text field automatically. This feature helps you write the answers faster and more effectively.

Unmatched Integration Compatibility

Our customer service extension is compatible with various platforms, including Microsoft Outlook, LiveChat, and more. As demonstrated in this example, our extension enables fast and efficient responses to customer emails within Outlook.

Infinite Possibilities

The extension is versatile and can be used on any website, allowing you to quickly search through your company's resources even while browsing other pages.


If you incorporate multiple languages, you can effortlessly switch between language options.


For a faster experience, you can use shortcuts that allow you to insert content automatically.


The tool can be pinned on any four corners of your window to fit your interface.
Optimize your employees' time and streamline your support process with our Customer service extension. Eliminate the need for manual document checks and improve the accuracy and speed of your support process.

Customer Service Extension is included in the Raffle enterprise plan

or available for €250/month in any other plan.
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